About Tessa

Contessa Louise Cooper is an advocate, writer, and speaker who run two related but different communities.

Soulspace is an intersectional feminist community of empathy and empowerment. We are emphatically inclusive of folks of color, all genders, LGBTQ+, Muslims, Latinxs, and immigrants. We celebrate our differences, challenge one another with compassion — and affirm one another’s shared humanity.

The Delicious Life Network is an online community where all women (no matter of race, sexual preference or self-identity) can have a safe space to discuss sex, relationships and sometimes love. Our main goal is to help women heal from toxic relationships, reach higher sexual peaks and feel comfortable discussing their desires with their partners.

Contessa believes in “safe spaces” and the freedom to be your authentic self.  It’s not unusual to find Tessa with a glass of wine in her hands and laughing with friends. She loves to collaborate with others on the same mission. She would love to appear on your radio show, podcast, event or special project. Please email her at info@contessalouise.com.