What They Said

“You teach people without making them feel inferior. That is so rare.”

Loreal Moss

When I feel like giving up Tessa is there. When I want to give up on my kid Tessa is there. When my kid is a sh8t and I need someone who understands Tessa is there. When I procrastinate Tessa is there... Every freakin time at the exact moment I need inspiration. Tessa is my muse. Tessa is my friend. Tessa makes my life fun and reminds me that I don't have to be serious all the time and when I do have to be serious she is there with a twizzler whip. Tessa is one of my all around favorite people. She inspires me daily. She reminds me daily to be better.


Everyday inspiration. I love the drive,the energy,the passion.the hope,the faith and the purpose. Only beautiful minds inspire others.


From our first conversation you have inspired me not to hide my light.