Contessa Louise Cooper is everyone’s favorite no-nonsense creator and maker known for taking no sh*t. She uses her natural humor and training to help professionals become more joyful and productive by empowering them to embrace their diversities as assets and not limitations. In her spare time, she unlocks the secrets of the universe with her cat Fahfo and considers herself a tech nerd.

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The NeuroVerse Community & NVSE Token

We all have these gifts and talents which are great separately. However, when you put us all in one place, we become this ecosystem of capabilities. We have felt the stigma of not belonging anywhere. Together, we can begin to have a different conversation and truly be the change we want to see in this world. We are creating a space where thinkers, doers and watches can safely enter into the conversation.  Each member can focus on their zone of greatness without the pressures of producing or being consumed by others. 

NVSE, our community cryptocurrency can be earned by active members. Our currency can grow in value as we grow together,

Does this sound like the perfect place for you? Please place your name on the waitlist. We launch soon.

The DataCast

Contessa Cooper and Dr. Kimberly Douglass are the cohosts of The DataCast With The Neurodivergent Data Witches. They believe in giving neurodivergent creators & makers a more effective way of sharing their messages. Data is currency. It defines who we are in relation to who you believe we are.

Like all other worldwide phenom, the Metaverse has everything to do with you. You have to connect to what’s happening.  Oh wait, you are already connected to the Metaverse. If you want to live with the illusion that you are disconnected from digital activity because you are not on particular platforms, you are being dragged around by the people who are strategic in their activities.  You won’t know you are being dragged until you know you are being dragged.

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