Make time for a mindful early morning by trying a few of these simple rituals, which can be carried out in just five minutes. By beginning your early morning with purpose, you are able to develop a clear head, an open mind, and make sure your day is full of positive energy. 

Make breakfast. Everyone stresses the importance of a great breakfast. Eating breakfast gives our bodies the needed energy to move throughout the day. Also, the act of feeding yourself can be quite nurturing. I’m a huge fan of greek yogurt with honey.  

Light a candle. Sometimes even the most basic activities can change a space’s energy. Make the effort to light a candle before you prepare, and enjoy the enhanced atmosphere that you’ve created.

Practice yoga. Whether it’s Supta Baddha Konasana (Reclining Bound Angle Pose) in bed or a Sun Salutation as your feet struck the floor, a little morning yoga will assist your mind and body heat up for the day. You can even do some stretches from the convenience of your sheets!

Green smoothie. Start your early morning with a nutrition-packed smoothie. Popular ingredients include kale, spinach, apples, romaine, pineapple juice, coconut water, and parsley, however, do not hesitate to get innovative and mix and match your favorite foods to develop a tasty morning treat.

Shower. It appears easy, but showering can be an incredibly mindful experience if we allow ourselves to enjoy the whole activity. Support yourself at this moment, taking each time to tend to your body and thanking deep space for offering such a terrific gift.

Read. Rather than scroll through your phone, spend a couple of minutes in the morning reading through a book, paper, or magazine. The activity stretches the imagination and motivates imagination and positivity, setting you up for a fantastic remainder of the day.

Have some coffee. Next time you pour yourself a cup, take a minute to sit down and delight in the entire experience of your beverage. Tasting is a fantastic and tasty method to practice conscious habits. (And the caffeine boost in the early morning doesn’t hurt much, either!).

Welcome nature. Despite where you live, making the effort to delight in a bit of nature can assist establish a favorable outlook and a much deeper relationship with the earth. Stroll around the block, or invest a couple of minutes tending to a garden.

Make your bed. Making the bed is a conscious routine that helps boost a room’s total aesthetic, making it feel more welcoming upon your return. It likewise takes little to no time at all– ideal for those people in a hurry.

Take a bath. If you have the time, a bath is a delicious way to start your morning. The warm water alleviates aching muscles, and you can play around with essential oils, such as lavender or chamomile, that are known to motivate feelings of peace and tranquility.

Wash your face. Everyone is guilty of skipping this important routine, but when we take the time to do it, it can be rather charming. Feeling clean can lead to confidence, and the actual act of washing, scrubbing, and exfoliating produces an intimate and mindful experience.

Walk the pet. This is excellent for you and your pooch. Not only do you both get a bit of a workout, spending time with another living animal is soothing. 

Lemon water. Hot lemon water helps in digestion and provides a plethora of vitamins and nutrients. Your mind will love this moment of peacefulness and your body will thank you, too!

Journal. This basic activity encourages self-reflection. Even on bad days, journaling enables us to vent and gain some point of view regarding our current scenario. If you’re feeling innovative, journaling can invigorate the imagination, resulting in a more productive and motivating day.

Go for a run. Running can create a much better brain performance and increased mood. You’ll be impressed at this easy activity can modify your entire day’s outlook.

Meditate. Meditation enables us to discover our thoughts, rather than evaluate them or get lost in their power. This regimen will heighten your focus and perspective.

Nurture life.  A simple way to do this can be to start a garden, even if it just adding herbs to your windowsill. Notice the consistent growth of the plant, or how it tends to flourish in specific lights or seasons. This gentle routine not only offers short-term peace but can help teach valuable lessons for personal growth.

Interact socially. Send out a text to a long-distance buddy, or call a friend who you haven’t spoken to in a while. We’re on this earth to connect and cultivate relationships, so reminding individuals you enjoy that you care about them will help both of you to feel fantastic.

Listen to motivating music. Music can set a positive tone or ambiance for the remainder of the day. Create an early morning playlist, and rise out of bed to the noise of great vibes.

Enjoy a sweet treat. Often I like to have a piece of dark chocolate with my coffee or tea. This little reward supplies an act of self-love and can help change an average morning into a divine experience.

Set intentions. While our days are often clouded with to-do lists, setting little, personal objectives can help develop a feeling of control. Ask yourself, What do I desire out of this day? Possibly it’s to be nicer to strangers or to pay more attention to your partner.

Pamper. If you have the time, providing yourself a small spa treatment, such as a facial or a manicure. It can activate feelings of confidence that last throughout the entire day.

Hydrate. If you’re anything like me, you have difficulty squeezing in those 8 daily glasses of water. Start your morning with a substantial chug, and already you’ve started the day on the best foot.

Envision success. Does your day involve some obstacles, or perhaps some activities that you’re not precisely anticipating? Picture yourself triumphing over these barriers, and doing so with a clear and pleased head. Treating your day with a “can-do” mindset will assist to set you up for success.

Make a thankful list. Gratitude causes happiness. In addition to exploring your thoughts, take the time to write down a couple of things you are grateful for. Whether it be your partner, your body, or nutrition, observing your blessings inspires sensations of overall well-being.

Self affirmations. We don’t tell ourselves “I like you” nearly enough. Plant yourself in front of the mirror and say the affirmations that you require to hear. These basic everyday pointers will advise of your potential, leaving you feeling open and ecstatic.

Use Essential oils. A whiff of peppermint, for example, can assist clear your head and even combat queasiness. Lavender can make you feel at ease. Spend some time researching in the different benefits of these oils, and consider using the ones that might set you up for a peaceful, mindful morning.

Show love. Whether you’re helping your roomie or allowing somebody to cut you in line at the coffee bar, a small act of compassion is a fantastic way to nurture your soul. Acts of this nature both benefit you, encourage a cycle of compassionate and inspiring others.

Simplify. What can you do to tidy up your individual space? It can be as simple as clearing the top of your desk or hanging up any clothes that might have discovered themselves on the flooring. Not only will this permit a smooth entryway into the day, you’ll like coming home to a more inviting environment.