I didn’t realize that my job was slowing killing me. Now I know what you are thinking she is just so dramatic, her job is killing her? Yeah, right! I knew something was not right but I just ignored the signs and kept pushing myself.  I finally went to visit my doctor and found out I was having kidney and respiratory issues. After several tests and specialists, I knew it was more than not taking care of myself. You see I’ve always been healthy so now this. I called up a good friend of mine who is a holistic coach to the Hollywood stars and began to see what was happening and after a series of questions, I realized it was my work. 

4 signs that alert you that your job is making you ill 

  1. Sleepless nights – if you are having sleepless nights and can’t seem to turn your brain off thinking about work. This will leave to sleep deprivation, which can also lead to mistakes being made or lack of focus on your workload.
  2. Lack of interest – You show lack of interest in your personal and professional life.  You don’t want to be social you prefer to just be by yourself. (this could be a sign of depression)
  3. Anxious and moody – You often feel anxious and irritable. I personally experienced anxiety and went to the hospital thinking it was a heart attack and was admitted for a few days. Feeling irritable or moody or often cry. I would find myself at the edge of my bed sitting and crying because I just didn’t want to face what was going to happen at work that day.
  4. Being sick – Getting headaches or a migraine, catching colds, or unusually aches.  These are all signs that your immune systems are having issues. Not obtaining enough exercise, sleep and balanced meals can only make things worse.  

More employers are making a change to their companies by making sure that there is a balanced between home and work.  

If you are experiencing any of these four issues please talk to your physician.  You only have one life to live make sure you live it under the terms of healthiness and happiness.

Written by Roberta E. Speight, CEO

Dreams Empowerment Network