Ah……sex magic: the use of sex and orgasm to create the life we desire. It’s become a huge topic over the past few years, and rightfully so. Sex magic is one of the most powerful ways to manifest. It is the energy through which the Universe (and all life) is created, formed, and brought into the physical world. When harnessed and focused properly this sexual energy can also be used to manifest and bring into the physical form new ideas, businesses, money, and relationships. And the most powerful part of the sex magic process is the orgasm – specifically the point of climax.

During climax, there is a simultaneous experience of emptiness in the mind and connection between the physical and non-physical bodies. At that moment the egoic self is at rest and there are no thoughts of obstacles, to-do lists, what’s not possible, or resistance to allowing and receiving. The brain pumps dopamine, oxytocin, and other ‘feel-good’ hormones through the body, and pleasure and ecstasy are the primary feelings. All of these events form fertile ground within the brain for new neural pathways and thought patterns and to be wired into the subconscious mind, with little or no resistance from the ego.

Here are 3 simple steps for manifesting with orgasmic energy:

  1. During sex with a partner, or self-pleasure if solo, keep the focus on what brings bliss.
  2. At the point of climax smile and say the intentions or desires out loud and continue to repeat them throughout the climax and into the refractory period. Sound helps wire thoughts into the brain (think about how a song can transport memories through time and space). If sound is not possible due to circumstance repeat the intentions or desires over and over in the mind.
  3. Bask in the glow of the moment. Lay with your partner and hug them. If solo take a moment and put your hand to your heart and smile.

For more powerful sex magic the orgasmic manifestation process can be done one day after the new moon (to plant the seeds for wealth, health, new love, career opportunities, etc), or during the full moon to release negative traits and habits. Also, increase the energy of the atmosphere by setting the mood. Add lighting, candles, essential oils, or crystals to the manifestation process. Create a container and sacred space of magnetic sexual energy to further embed the intentions and desires into the subconscious mind.

Keep a journal or record of when the sex magic is performed as well as the intentions and desires that are spoken. Write down when each intention is realized in the physical realm and celebrate the power of orgasmic manifestation.


Devi Maisha is a Tantra and Sacred Sexuality teacher who specializes in showing men and women how to take their sex lives higher, release their trauma, create better relationships, and transform their lives into abundance and ecstasy. She has studied Chakra Healing and LifeForce Energy Healing with Deborah King, Active Tantra through The Grand Trine Tantra System, Relationship Dynamics with JujuMama LLC, and Shamanic and Indigenous Sacred Sexuality with Riziki Zafira. Maisha is currently a student of the Institute of Authentic Tantra where she will go through a Tibetan Buddhist Tantra training program and become a Certified Sexologist through the American College of Sexology.


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