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If you wish to get all the advantages that feature frequently practicing meditation, you need to do it properly. There are lots of mistakes that newbies make that keep them from being able to gain the advantages of practicing meditation. Here are a few of the meditation mistakes you may want to prevent in order to be successful.

1 Not Figuring Out What Works for You

There is no technique that works for everyone, so it’s essential that you put in the time to find out which technique will work best for you. If you select one approach and it’s not working for you however you keep attempting it, you’re not going to have the ability to enjoy it and you might wind up quitting.

To prevent this risk, attempt various approaches until you discover one that works for you.

2 Utilizing Meditation in Stressful Situations

Meditation can assist you through difficult or stressful circumstances. I don’t suggest using it to relieve stress when you are just beginning because it’s not something most newbies are able to do well. It can lead to believing that meditation is the issue.

Rather, just practice meditation when you’re reasonably calm up until you are comfortable.

3 Practicing Meditation for Long Periods of Time

The quality of your meditation time is far more crucial than the amount of it, so make certain you’re not requiring yourself to invest hours in meditation when you’re still discovering. Meditation is something that takes time and needs practice, so you’re not going to be able to do it for hours in the beginning.

Make certain you’re taking great deals of breaks while practicing meditation and do not press yourself to practice meditation for too long.

4 Following Guided Meditations Too Much

It’s an excellent method to get started with meditation, however, sticking only with guided meditations for too long can hold you back. Meditation is a deeply individual experience, so permitting yourself to rely entirely on guided meditations will not assist you to reach the next level of meditation.

As soon as you’re comfortable with guided meditations, start utilizing just self-guided meditation.

5 Allowing Too Many Distractions

Too much of a great thing is a bad thing, specifically when it pertains to meditation. You might benefit from some soft music playing in the background to assist you to focus and drown out background sounds, too many diversions are going to keep you from being able to practice meditation well.

Discover a peaceful location and learn to shut everything off in your mind.

6 Getting Frustrated

The point of meditation is to unwind your mind and body, however, lots of novices fall into this mistake of getting disappointed when they can’t get it right. If you get annoyed or mad with yourself while practicing meditation, it’s just going to make it even harder to practice.

Keep in mind that meditation requires time and practice to master, so provide yourself a great deal of space to make errors at the start.

Whatever you do, do not quit, and do not hesitate to request aid from a meditation professional like Contessa Louise who may be able to offer you concepts to get you back on track. Your practice is your practice. Don’t compare your progress to others. 

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