Rebirth can be defined as a change that leads to a new period of growth and improvement in something.  In his book, entitled, “Blending To Make It: Ingredients For A Successful Blended Family”, Dr. Mangum shares twelve rebirthing factors as key ingredients for blended family success.  He shares that there are many emotional dynamics associated with the formation and transformation of the blended family that may sputter on the edge of total disconnect or permanent failure. However, he believes that with the infusion of these rebirthing factors, the human emotion can experience new life in areas that have died because of pain, loss, isolation, and rejection.

In his “Rebirth of Hope factor,” he says that the blended family can often be measured as expectation and excitement. In the midst of its complexities and drama, there is also a sense of revived expectation, when hope is rebirthed. It feels like something great is about to happen, the parents and children will welcome each other to a family that looks for the good rather than the bad. Hope is said to be an emotion that is in anticipation of something extraordinary in the face of overwhelming opposition. Hope also inspires the attitude that it is not as difficult as previously believed. Things can and will get better. The blended family that allows the spirit of hope to govern their family believes that neither disappointment, misunderstandings nor defeat will stamp out their belief that the impossible has a chance to become possible. He also says that the “rebirth of hope” can serve as a change agent that no longer will the biological and non-biological siblings (bonus) have to battle for territory tangible and intangible or pit their biological or bonus parents against one another.  Instead, when the “rebirth of hope” is fully activated within the family, they are inclined to work together as a team to bring forth harmony and love in the home.


Dr. Duane Mangum is a 25 year retired Air Force veteran, as well as a retired Federal Government Civilian Employee. He’s earned his Associates Degree in Applied Science with a concentration in Education and Training Management from the Community College of the Air Force as well as a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Business Administration from Concordia University and completed a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Christian Counseling from Trinity College of the Bible and Trinity Theological Seminary. As of January 2016, Dr. Mangum became a certified SYMBIS (Save Your Marriage Before It Starts) facilitator, as well as an “Active” Presidential Member of the American Association of Christian Counselors and a Silver Member of the Black Speakers Network.Dr. Mangum is the President and CEO Blending To Make iT, LLC