We have two opposite elements present here: Fire (Wands) and Water (Cups). With Wands, we are being shown the aspect of Kuan Yin that is courageous, bold and creative. As for Cups for St. Pio, we are shown St. Pio’s ability to surrender to his faith in God, I feel the pull and release of the ocean waves, how St. Pio trusts that God always provides. I am also getting an analogy of water here. We humans are largely comprised of water and I see that water is also being used as an analogy for Spirit/God, we, being an embodiment of Spirit, the Divine. God is within us, and this presence of God comprises us. When we ask for Divine assistance, we are tapping into that capacity within us that is Divine.

Padre Pio

Knight of Cups (Reversed)

As you look into this card, do you feel the strength of the currents? I believe this card is a reminder for us about how we and nature are created from the same Source. Because this card appeared reversed, there is a resistance, a forgetting, and perhaps a misuse or under-utilization of our being Divine. Of which of these possible definitions, I feel like the under-utilization and forgetting is what this card is going for. Because when I saw this card, I saw a vision, an analogy, of St. Pio talking to the ocean, the ocean representing God. I then an alternative perspective, deeper into the flesh, the water molecules that made up our bodies and this stunning realization that we are water just like the powerful ocean. We are godly just like God. We forget this. Perhaps there are situations that make us feel powerless, weak, and unworthy. Perhaps we are unkind to our own bodies for whatever reason. I see these experiences have a common link of forgetfulness, we become so caught up on the surface that we forget what’s within us. We forget the likeness we’ve come from and power inside us. It’s time to remember and reconnect that now.

Reconnecting to your innate Divinity exercise:

I asked St. Pio how we can remember our connection with God and he showed me prayer. I saw how he knelt facing the image of crucified Christ and how he prayed with sincerity for forgiveness, how he confessed to God how he sinned. I cannot explain on his behalf why, but witnessing this through this vision, I am struck by how this is his expression of surrender and connecting to God. It reminds me of when I was still predominantly Christian when I started the omnist/open spiritual journey. Christianity was predominantly what I knew and felt comfortable in and though my path was evolving beyond Christianity, it felt safe and natural for me to connect to God the way I was taught to. I always felt humbled when I connected to God through confession of my “sins”. I felt that when I confessed them, I was able to release them and not be controlled by them, and through this, I felt closer to God. Like the act of confession removed that imaginary boundary keeping me from God. And after confession, there is grace. I see St. Pio, his hands up, receiving the grace to be stronger, wiser, more compassionate, and resilient through God’s grace. It’s beautiful to witness this. It’s a slow process that opens you up from the heart. The gift here is grace.

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Kuan Yin

7 of Wands (Upright)

I am noticing the bold reds, oranges, and yellows in this card! Which may come across as so, unlike Kuan Yin who is often associated with the softer aspects of mercy and compassion. But Kuan Yin is a multi-faceted deity being that she is an Avalokitesvara, one depiction of an Avalokitesvara being one with 11 heads and a thousand arms to serve humanity. Because of the root, sacral, and solar plexus chakra colors, I am seeing that there is a call to becoming more grounded, to be present and act in the present, and to act in the face of insecurity by living this life. People pray and connect to Kuan Yin when they are suffering, and I see that Kuan Yin through this card is giving us medicine for this suffering by reminding us to choose life! This can mean discovering and honing your craft even if you feel heartbroken. Participating in volunteering and fund-raising work even if you feel lonely and worthless. Kuan Yin is telling us through this card to choose life! Positively participate in life. Creation/creativity is in your nature! When you feel stuck, your “art” will heal and inspire you. What is that art (and note: we mean art in the broadest sense, not just painting and drawing)? If you don’t know what that is, discover it! Explore your options. Remember that art gives life. What is something you can do now to give life, to yourself and others? Aside from this, I also feel the calling to share this art with others because it not only heals you, it heals those you share it with.

Sharing life exercise:

When I asked Kuan Yin for an exercise, I saw other people meaning that you are challenged to invite others to your process be it reaching out to someone to organize a project, being exploration buddies with someone or others to try something new together or rediscover something in a new way. The key is to share and to be open to experience even if you are suffering and in pain. Kuan Yin says that what you’ll learn from this, is what is important: That although there are some things we can’t change, we can change our response to it. It doesn’t have to inhibit us from living a full life.
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