Dear Friend…

I see you on the struggle bus so desperately wanting to get off.

I see you sitting there wondering why you are not getting the wins and successes you are so desperately deserving.

I see you watching other people making the leap from nothing to everything they’ve dreamed of.

I see you tearing yourself apart trying to pay the bills, get the recognition your talent deserves, and break into the life you’ve been dreaming of.

I see you broken, depressed, and bordering hopeless.

I see you trying different ways of healing, trying all of the ‘tricks’ to get unstuck, and doing all of the “right things”.

And yet, it feels like nothing you do is working. How can the Law of Attraction be real if I’m feeling my way to better thoughts and still broke? How can I be so left behind? How is it possible for all of my “friends” to be so blind to things and not see that this stuff actually works?

(you’re not going to like this next part and I’m not going to apologize for what there is to say)

Are you ready?

Are you truly open to the key to it all?

Are you grounded enough to understand the words that are about to hit your soul in the gut?


That’s it.

That’s the key.

That’s the one last piece you’re missing in all of it.

When we allow the snark to come through ALL THE TIME, we are choking ourselves off from the joy and beauty around us.  Allow me to explain:

It’s oh so very easy to take a stunning photo, have a delicious meal, experience great joy, and dismiss it with snark.  “Oh, look at this awful view I experience every day on my way to work,” you say. “Oh, darn, this fresh fish is so disgusting, such a rough life I have eating so healthy” you comment as you share a photo of a delightful dinner.  

You know you’re being sarcastic. Those around you know you’re being sarcastic. Everyone knows you’re being sarcastic.  And yet, your subconscious cannot make the distinction. The energetic pull of the words you choose to speak is repelling the beautiful drive, the delicious meal, the simple joys and pleasures around you.

This is the gratitude piece that we all talk about, but miss the mark on. This is where it matters.  

This is where we say, “thank you for a beautiful drive every day to my shitty day job”. Please, may I have more of this view and less of the job?

This is where we say, “thank you for a delicious piece of steak, please may I have more meals as yummy with other selections.”

This is where we say, “thank you for the blessings of sweet cuddles with my child/pet/loved one, may I please have more time like this.”

We can make all of the gratitude lists we want, but until we are truly grateful for every experience, every moment, every little thing (as in all of the things), we will not receive more of them.

That’s it, my dear friend. That’s the key that has been eluding you all of this time.

You are seen.

You are heard.

You are loved.

And you are more than deserving of everything your heart (and mind) desire.


Heather Fein is a mom, wife, soap maker, magic ritual guide, and facilitator of meaningful healing!

But I’d like to think I’m so much more than a mouthful of descriptions, in fact, most would argue I’m a great referee, mediator, fixer, and trusted friend!

Magic and Spirituality has always played a big part in my life, even as a young girl; apothecary, resins, crystals, and herbs were as natural to me as brushing my teeth! I didn’t take a weekend workshop to develop these skills, they’ve naturally existed within me since I got here! Authentically rooted I straddle the invisible line between science and magic – from soap making to client healing rituals, I’m as real as they get!