Contessa Louise Cooper is a web 3 professional who is passionate about answering the question, “What does web 3 have to do with me?”. She began her web 3 journey learning Tokenomics and has been expanding her knowledge ever since. Contessa has been a part of the DAO Decentralized Conflict Resolution Cohort and the Regenerative Finance (ReFi) Bootcamp. As the former Community & Events lead at Odyssey DAO she specializes in building and managing communities. She’s a founder of Black Creators DAO and WeSeed. In her spare time, she unlocks the secrets of the universe with her cat Fahfo and is a full-time plant mommy. 

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Black Creators DAO

Black Creators DAO

We all have these gifts and talents which are great separately. However, when you put us all in one place, we become this ecosystem of capabilities. We have felt the stigma of not


Feeling Safe

Being Heard


Black Creators DAO is here to change that.

We are creating a community that meets you where you are and will help you get to where you want to be.

Does this sound like the perfect place for you? Join the Black Creators DAO Community here. Don’t forget to say Hi to me when you are there. 

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WeSeed is a regenerative finance (ReFi) project that aims to solve the problem of the food apartheid that exists in Raleigh, NC. 


Using crypto 

Using credit/debit card 

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I’m excited to be a speaker at the first web3 & education virtual unconference!

Title: Building Web3 Communities for Diverse Members

Description: Web3 has thrived on the power of bringing individuals together to support a project from both human and fiscal capital. But great communities are really difficult to build. In order to ensure community members are fully engaged, different learning styles and ways of knowing need to be taken into account. Just like classrooms, communities need thoughtful planning and execution.

Join me there!