I am a High Priestess and a Spiritual Muva. My goal is to show you how to accept who you are and to just be. As a result from working with me you will not consumed with things such as your purpose, walking on the correct path or living the life that other’s desire. You will be confident in your beliefs, power and spiritual gifts. It all begins with knowing, accepting and loving…YOU. 

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What They Said

“You teach people without making them feel inferior. That is so rare.”

Loreal Moss

When I feel like giving up Tessa is there. When I want to give up on my kid Tessa is there. When my kid is a sh8t and I need someone who understands Tessa is there. When I procrastinate Tessa is there... Every freakin time at the exact moment I need inspiration. Tessa is my muse. Tessa is my friend. Tessa makes my life fun and reminds me that I don't have to be serious all the time and when I do have to be serious she is there with a twizzler whip. Tessa is one of my all around favorite people. She inspires me daily. She reminds me daily to be better.


Everyday inspiration. I love the drive,the energy,the passion.the hope,the faith and the purpose. Only beautiful minds inspire others.


From our first conversation you have inspired me not to hide my light.