So, you hear people everywhere talking about crystals and loving on them like they are the best thing since sliced bread. You may even have some laying around your house that you have bought in hopes that it will create some #goodvibesonly but because you understand them, they just lay there wasting all their power on your dresser or your makeshift “altar” without fully understanding the beauty and the power that they can bring to your life.

Well, I’m here to help you out!


I am going to teach you about how crystals work and then give you some suggestions on a few crystals that will help you get your whole life together. But it is a little scientific. I will make it as simple as possible so your head doesn’t spin… but I want you to commit to the cause and finish the article. That’s all I ask. Ok? 

So let’s get started.

Before I get into explaining this, I want to let you know that sometimes you will hear us healers refer to our stones and crystals under one umbrella term of crystals even though, technically, they are not the same thing. For the sake of ease and understanding, know that there are stones, such as lapiz lazuli, there are rocks, and then there are crystals. 


Stone VS Rock VS Crystal

A Stone is a solid, non-metallic mineral matter.  A Rock is a natural material, hard or soft, consisting of one or more minerals.

Back to crystals…. Crystals are naturally occurring, “nonliving”, solid pieces of matter that are arranged in what is called a crystalline pattern. That is why they are called crystals. Crystalline means that the molecules that make up this matter are arranged in a repeating geometric pattern. Perfection! Rocks and stones are different because they may be a mixture of crystals, minerals, and other pieces of matter.

How Do Crystals Work?

If you remember anything from your science classes as a child, then you may remember that even if something appears solid and immobile, such as when you look at a chair, that if you were to look at the things that make up the chair on a molecular level, you will see movement of those particles. Those moving particles are in motion at different speeds depending on the composition of the chair. 

Similarly, the particles that are moving at the molecular level when examining the chair will be moving at a different speed than the molecules that make up a piece of glass, for instance. The characteristics of this movement are sometimes called vibration and that vibration emits a frequency depending on the speed or intensity of those vibes.

Because each crystal is a unique pattern of molecules (in perfect patterns might I add) vibrating in their own unique way, they all carry different and unique vibrations. These unique vibrations emit power, frequency, and energy that is used in a variety of ways. 

Electronics and watches are just one example of where crystals are used. In watches, quartz crystals are able to maintain a precise frequency that makes your watch more accurate. It does this thru vibrations that emit a certain frequency. Crystals work similarly in electronics as well.

If you can understand the usefulness of crystals in these instances, think about how you could use them in your own personal life and use the unique properties and energies that crystals have to help you transmute energy by the movement of that energy. 

One thing to think about,…let’s take a high vibrational crystal such as amethyst,  it is super high vibe and high vibrational molecules can often move into areas of low vibration, thereby uplifting the vibration in the lower vibrating area. This is another way that crystals work.

How Can Crystals Help You Heal?

As I have explained, crystals have different unique energies, vibrations, and uses. When you choose a crystal, you are inviting the vibration of that particular crystal into your environment so that you can benefit from what that crystal has to offer. You can benefit from their energy by wearing them, carrying them, or placing them in your environment. 

You and the combination of things in your environment all give out energies and vibes and the crystals are able to add their vibes into the mix to disrupt the current energy and transmute it into what that particular crystal does as I explained with the example of high vibes impacting low vibes or how vibes correlate to frequencies.

Think about how someone with a low vibe can suck the life out of the room and someone with a high vibe can add life to the room. Crystals are the same except since they are made in a perfect crystalline pattern, they are vibrating purely and #unbothered (most of the time).

If you pick a crystal that is linked to an energy that you need to tap into to help heal, that crystal will help you transmute the energy that needs to help you. That is basically how crystals can help you heal.

How Do I Know What Crystal To Pick?

I got you. 

Here are 3 crystals that are easy to access, inexpensive, and perfect for you to use to start to get your whole life together

Clear Quartz 

I call this the amplifier. It can be paired with other crystals or you can use it and talk to it about what you want to manifest and it will help make things more powerful! Not only does it make things more powerful, but it also helps you cleanse energy so that there is purity restored and it will help you focus.

Rose Quartz

99.9999999% of the issues we have are connected to our heart and soul. We are born with open and pure hearts and from our life experiences, slowly things start to change. We feel it in our relationships with the people we care most about. This “crystal” supports unconditional love, heart healing, and brings compassion into your life.


This one is my jam! Not only is it associated with lux life… it is also very spiritual and helps you connect with deep intuitive energies, it connects you with something higher than yourself (God… your higher self… etc), and it helps with stress and helps you remove dark energies from your life. How could you not want it?

So, I am glad you hung in there with me and I hope that you now understand how crystals work, why they are important, and some crystals you can use to help get you started. If you have some lying around, grab em and start using em. If you have been curious. Start with the three in this article and start leveraging one of the greatest powers that you have been missing out on!

Yashica Lind is a spiritual consultant and life coach. She primarily works with motivated, professional women that want to end patterns and self-defeating behaviors once and for all and start to experience a successful personal life that mirrors their professional life. You can learn more about her at