Have you heard of the Alkaline Diet, created by Dr. Sebi? I feel I was led to this diet phenomenon for the question I kept asking myself. Will there be a cure for Cancer in my lifetime?

A Little About The Alkaline Diet 

The alkaline diet consists of food that’s electric. Live food for a live body. This is food that has an alkaline score of 7-14. The alkaline scale is from 1 – 14. Foods that are 7 or higher are foods you want to consume. 

I have read/heard people say “What does he want us to eat? AIR?  This is in a reference made to Dr. Sebi Nutritional Food Guide. This is a list of food that is worthy to nourish our body, mind & souls, that can be easily found in American Farming. All you need is a little culinary imagination & some cooking skill savvy, to transform your taste pallet. 

Through research & how I alleviated some of my illnesses, I am sure that this change in diet is the culprit to alleviating some of my diseases. One disease that I have alleviated is my Asthma. Another is my Hay Fever. With that said, I noticed that people are thriving to be healthy & want some help doing it. So I set out to help my family, friends & community on their wellness journey.

This #AlkalineLyfStyle started with a few friends & family that were interested in how I kept my energy up & my youthful look as #ThisIsWhat50LooksLike.

How I Used The Alkaline Diet

Here are the top three things I did to assist in transitioning them from the American Diet to a plant-based diet that can assist you in your own healing journey.

One way I started this transformation was switching out some unhealthy food options, to some plant-based healthy food options.  I exchanged potatoes for squash and burro bananas; wheat for spelt, teff and rye; dairy for alternatives like coconut milk, hemp milk and nut milk.

My next favorite thing to transform is my friends & family’s Pantry/Cupboards. Now, when I say transform I mean that. I don’t throw away anything. Hence transition! I create one shelf, preferably the bottom. It’s my psychological way of giving you the option of the first choice.

  • The first option is putting every seasoning that is on Dr. Sebi’s Approved Nutritional Guide on your shelf. This will be the highest food bill for seasonings.
  • The second option is to start with some staple seasonings. These seasonings may consist of a few of your favorite seasonings on the Nutritional Guide. Your list may consist of sea salt, cayenne pepper, onion powder, sage, thyme, ginger, mustard, dried mushroom, oregano, dried seaweed,  allspice, cloves & Date sugar, You’d be able to grow your spice rack as your recipe options grow. This is a moderate food bill. 
  • My third option is bare necessities. I find In most all alkaline recipes, you will find Sea Salt, Onion Powder & Cayenne Pepper as the starter seasonings. This trio is great for some of my 20-minute recipes.  I promise you won’t stay on this level for long as the Alkaline recipe options will blow your mind!  

Lastly, is to introduce herbal teas to your diet. Herbal teas have many healing powers.Teas that help with breathing issues like Red Clover.

This herb is used to protect against cancer, to relieve indigestion, high cholesterol, whooping cough, cough, asthma, bronchitis, and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). It’s a staple herb in my pantry. 

Teas that will detoxify you like Yellow Dock Root herb. It’s a blood purifier and general detoxifier, especially for the liver

Teas have minerals like Sarsaparilla Root Herb: The highest concentration of iron of any plant.

You can make weekly, monthly or quarterly goals in your transition.  This may induce you to take charge of your own health by;

  • Starting a window herb garden
  • Join a community garden in your area
  • Start shopping at your local farmers market 
  • Start using natural body products
  • Drink more herbal teas

Before you know it, you’ll be living an #AlkalineLyfStyle! 

Venetria of #IAmVenetria is the face of Times Square Summer Solstice Mind Over Madness Yoga 2K17 & 2018, a HoopYogini™ Certified Facilitator, HoopYogini™ Master Trainer, Creator of the #AlkalineLyfStyle™️ Transition Program, Student and contributor to Yoniversity, a dõTERRA Wellness Advocate, a wombman of womb health, An Author & The Woman,  behind, Hula – Rööts™ & Sacred Feminine Wellness Corp.  

I can be found in the area of Greater NYC – Atlanta – Miami & HulaRoots.com