I’ll start by saying that this particular read will be good for you if your dating, in a committed relationship or married. And it’s even better if you’re single so you’re armed and ready with kindness for the amazing soul you connect with. And yup, parents, this is your secret weapon for your children. Friends, I didn’t leave you out, you’re invited to this kindness fest too!

Kindness is one of those things that we take for granted, assume people should know we don’t have time for and sometimes we get downright indignant when expected to be kind. Yet, as simple of a concept as it is… it is one of the biggest foundations of love and often overlooked and negated.


The thrills you get when jumping the waves with your friends.

That soft tickle you feel when you hear that special person ’s voice.

The laughter that overflows when you share antics with your neighbors.

The joy you feel when your child is happy and cooing sweet nothings at you.

That sweet breath you breathe on their ear when being romantic.

That random act of kindness you felt compelled to do for the stranger in front of you.

What do all of the above have in common…? KINDNESS AND LOVE.

That’ right, I said it. You see, in my own humble opinion, you can’t have love without kindness and you can’t have kindness without love.  Those moments you feel joy, want to be nice to someone, experience goodness with someone. Love and kindness are interwoven in there together, creating that magical experience that just lifts your spirits and makes you feel amazing. Why am I telling you all of this? Simple! Most people want to know how to create more beautiful moments with their significant other, with their children, friends or family members. Or even just in their daily interactions with everyone around them, even their coworkers.  That’s how you do it!!! With more KINDNESS and LOVE!

Arguing with your spouse? Maybe they’re feeling extra stressed about something and haven’t mentioned it yet. Give them a few extra doses of kindness.

Kids acting out and pulling on that LAST NERVE..? Maybe they’ve been having a challenging time in school or just feeling the awkward scariness of being a kid. Shower them with a storm of kindness.

Your bestie or bro has been acting craycray lately and you’re just plain sick of it? Maybe they’ve been feeling overwhelmed with something and just don’t know how to talk about it right now.  That’s right, pour it on them Ebaby! Load them up with kindness.

Do you see where I’m going with this? Kindness allows you to respond in compassion instead of lashing out in frustration or making a not so great situation worse. Kindness allows you to respond in love, instead of reacting in haste and complicating things. Kindness allows you to create that sweet, safe, joyful place that people want to be in with you. It allows you to share that beautiful goodness with everyone around you, even strangers on the street or your coworkers.

So, take a look around you and see where you can bring it! Pop that kindness bottle and spread it everywhere you go. You deserve and so do the people around you. YOU ARE WORTHY.


Jasmine did not decide to become a healer.  She was divinely guided to help and heal others.  Every step of her background has prepared her and added to her unique combination of knowledge, experience, education and spiritual gifts.  Her ability to help people to better understand themselves, their own true motivations, and to develop a path to a more satisfying life is unparalleled.   She helps you to understand how your thinking and actions affect each area, how the various areas affect each other and then coaches you to be able to better address your life to get to a level of truly thriving.