Recently, I have been called to be more open and transparent with clients, friends, and family. And what I’ve been telling them, I mean practically screaming from the mountain top is that it’s OK, to not be OK.

To prove it, I shared some things I have been facing and how I had literally given myself permission to slow down, be messy and completely crazy some days. And other days I just focused on being ok with not knowing my next steps or having it all figured out.

Because it can be easy to get caught up in the shenanigans of human perfection. Feeling like you have to keep it together ALL. THE. TIME. Or feeling as if you have to stay high vibe, positive and speaking life affirming affirmations every second of every day. 

Of course, you might be saying what they said… “But you’re a healer and a coach, how can you not have it all together?” SIMPLE! I am human just like you. And that simple yet poignant reminder was enough to set ablaze the oftentimes fragile and broken box we had all been trying to hold ourselves in.

The box that says we have to show up perfect and polished at all times. We must be spot on, mask firmly in place and ready to tackle whatever life throws at us.

My thoughts..?It’s absurd and completely impossible to hold yourself or anyone else to that standard. So… can you take a deep breath and just be for a moment or two? That’s what I started asking myself and what I started asking everyone else.

So… did you breathe and release the need to be everything at all times? No, Ok, take another moment and try it. I promise it’s worth it.

I know, I know, you’ve probably got a boatload of stuff to get done, dreams to conquer and maybe even a person or two to prove wrong about what they said you couldn’t do. However, I can tell you honestly from my own experience, my healing journey supercharged and got so much easier when I let go of the need to have it all together and figured out. 

And periodically I have to remind myself of that very simple, yet very powerful truth. So I’m hoping this reaches you right where it needs to today and helps you to remember you are already amazing and divine. No need to try to fit into a limited box of perfection. 

And because I believe that you are absolutely divine and amazing and if you’re reading this, it was meant for you, here are a few of the ways I just breathe and let go the need of perfection.

Sometimes I literally just close my eyes and breathe.
Journal and put my screaming thoughts on paper.
A fire ceremony of writing down what I need to release always gives me a breath of fresh air.
A nice shower or bathe focused on energetic detoxing.
Some oils in the mister or burner.
Some freshly brewed tea with favorite herbs and or flavors.
Time with a bestie or a walk on a nature trail.



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