Watching kid movies used to be something I enjoyed before I became a mother. Now sitting through them is almost like torture considering my children have very little interest in the “classic” kid movies of my time (cue theme song from The Lion King, please).

This past weekend, my 9 year old asked me to watch Zootopia with her and while I didn’t really mind, I’d be lying if I said I was excited about it. Regardless of how I felt at the time, I obliged her and was glad I did.

Haven’t seen the movie? Here’s a brief synopsis:

Spoiler Alert

A cute little bunny by the name of Judy Hops dreams of becoming a cop, which is simply unheard of in her hometown of Bunnyburrow. All her life, she’s encouraged to become a carrot farmer and follow in the family footsteps; however, Judy knows she has a bigger destiny. So, she works her little tail off to make her dreams come true and she saves the town all while making some new friends along the way.

I’m entering my fourth year of business and I’ve been on one hell of a rollercoaster ride asking myself all the “key” questions – like “What is my purpose?” and “Who do I want to serve?” and perhaps the biggest of all “What do I want to be known for?” – all while doing the work to build a profitable presence online.

Many times along the way I’ve been fallen down the rabbit hole (no pun intended) of comparison, questioning my sanity, battling subconscious negativity, and wanting to give up and oddly, I was on the brink of letting it all go until we decided to watch this film. So I think it’s safe to say Zootopia saved my business…Ok, that’s stretching it a bit, but it is true this movie reignited my entrepreneurial flame and gave me the boost I needed to keep going.

With that being said, here are the lessons I learned from Zootopia:

  1. It never pays to be a people pleaser. Judy could’ve taken the safe route and become a carrot farmer but she chose to follow her own path. Did she upset her parents? Yes. Did her friends think she was crazy? Yes. Did people doubt her and try to talk her out of it? Of course! But this didn’t deter her. It pushed her to work harder and, ultimately, she accomplished her goal against all odds. In my own business, I’ve talked myself out of so many opportunities because my mentors and coaches felt I wasn’t ready or because my family members disagreed with what I wanted to do with my business and doing this only made me effing miserable. So not worth it in the long run. If you keep making your decisions based on what others want for you, you’ll never get where you want to be. You had a purpose before anyone had an opinion.
  2. There will always be someone “better” but you’re the only you there is! Judy was faced with lots of opposition on her journey from people who were bigger, faster, stronger, and more influential than she but she didn’t let this stop her. You can’t get caught up with what other people are doing or your perception of their capabilities. Sure, being inspired is one thing but copying someone else in attempts to have their success will ALWAYS lead to failure and unhappiness. Find what works for you and focus on making that happen and helping others and making money will happen in the process.
  3. You’ll find support in unlikely people or places, so be open. Along her journey, Judy ended up partnering with a fox – her natural predator. Did they mesh in the beginning? No. But they grew to like and respect each other over the course of working together and having meaningful conversations. This taught me to stop always looking for the sale but to focus on building rapport and getting to know people. When you’re first starting out, some big names say “Always be selling” but they never fully explain what the hell that means so people end up pitching all the time versus really getting to know people. Speak to people. Ask questions. Get to know about them. Keep in touch. You never know who will become your biggest fans.
  4. You have to be your biggest cheerleader. Judy knew her parents and friends weren’t necessarily going to agree with the path she chose. She was given a vision for her life and did what we all would do – shared our vision with those we love. But we can’t always share our BIG dreams with small minded individuals. There will be times when you’re alone and everyone is busy. Who will keep your dream alive then? What about the times when you don’t want to do anything although you have deadlines to meet? Who’s supposed to keep you on the up and up? Sure you could join an accountability group but at the end of the day, NO ONE can be more excited about your business and your dreams than you! YOU are your biggest cheerleader.

This is one movie that taught me a lot about the journey of life and entrepreneurship and I’ve never been more satisfied with movie night with the kiddos. I encourage everyone reading this to find inspiration all around you. Open yourself up to the possibilities and run with what feels good.

Have you ever been taught lessons in life or business from a children’s movie? Share your experience below! 


Loreal Moss is a clarity catalyst and lifestyle strategist with a passion for helping entrepreneurial moms discover their purpose. She is a facilitator of transformation and prides herself on her non-fluffy, yet compassionate approach to parenting. Through her company, Intuitive Biz Solutions, she provides services to help business owners receive support and accountability as they navigate their unique path to greatness. When she’s not working or recording episodes for her podcast, The No-Fluff Mama, she can be found dancing inappropriately to popular music. 


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