When I ask my clients about their journaling practice, they tell me they don’t know what to journal about. So they simply don’t do it.

I’m a huge believer in journaling. In fact, I’d say the single most important thing I’ve ever done for my mental health was to establish a consistent journaling practice.  Through journaling as part of my work with my spiritual mindset coach, I was able to cut out my depression medication (with the help and approval of my doctor of course!) I quite literally went from hopeless and suicidal to a lover of life in the span of one year. I credit so much of that to the development of a journaling practice.

Everyone can do it. It doesn’t have to be difficult; in fact, it gets to be quite easy! My journaling consists of four sections: Appreciation, Aspiration, Affirmation, and Celebration. None of this came to me very easily at first. I’m going to explain to you how I started with each section and how I’m utilizing my practice now.


Then: Things in my life that don’t suck.

Now: Anything and everything that brings me joy

When I was first starting out with journaling, this was the hardest section for me to get behind. Especially when I was in a space where I didn’t believe there was anything in my life that was serving me. I started off by saying that I was grateful for the brand new journal I purchased to begin my journaling practice! That may have been the only thing I wrote that day.

The point is that there are things to be appreciative about, even if it’s the smallest thing. I struggled at first to come up with five things. Now I can easily come up with at least twenty!

Then: I aspired to know my purpose.

Now: A mantra I write every day from which I create actionable steps to bring me closer to doing my purpose work.

A year ago, I had no idea what my purpose was. I didn’t feel like there was much I could contribute to the world in the slightest. So I dove into mindset work and made it my job to figure out what my purpose was. Eventually, the following phrase just flowed out of my pen: “I’m a truth seeker and bringer of massive change. Through my creative and spiritual endeavors, I inspire people to live in their joy and rediscover the magic in their lives.” It was like magic.

I write this statement every day. And every day I write out at least two things that I can do to help people to live in their joy…including writing out this article!


Then: Things to prove I’m not a waste of space on this planet

Now: True statements about myself that raise my energetic vibration so I can attract in the opportunities that allow me to live in purpose

Affirmations were introduced to me as a series of “I am” statements accentuating the positive. At first, I couldn’t even write from a first-person perspective. It was easier to imagine that I was talking to a different version of myself and say things like “you are beautiful” and “you are loved”. I couldn’t even fathom back then that those statements could be true. At some point, the two “selves” merged and I was able to write from the first person.

For me to get to the point where “I love myself fully and completely” flowed out of the pen was momentous; if I’d known back then how momentous, I would’ve toasted myself with some champagne!


Then: What is there possibly to celebrate?

Now: Every move I make is a step closer to living the life I desire.

This is the portion of journaling I do at the end of the day. If you’re anything like me, you can get super caught up in the to-do lists. Most times it’s easier to see what didn’t get done; this used to be an open door for me to begin berating myself for not using time wisely, for being lazy, or whatever negative self talk wanted to seep in that day. But when we celebrate our accomplishments (and yes, rest and relaxation activities count!), we shift our focus back to the positive. I just simply do this by writing out the list of things I got done that day…and sometimes have a little dance party afterward. By doing this, especially if you have a tendency to focus on only the negative, we get a more complete picture of how the day actually went.

I certainly don’t claim to be a journaling expert. I’m far from it! I simply just wanted to share what has worked for me in the last year as each day I get closer and closer to living the life of my dreams!


Mallory Kiersten is known as the Joy Goddess. She is an Akashic Records reader, writer, teacher, medium-in-training, and virtual assistant to big wigs in the spiritual community. She has known from a very young age that her purpose on this planet is to inspire people to live in their joy and rediscover the magic in their lives. Her natural curiosity means that she’s an avid reader, and she loves all things, Disney. She is currently teaching classes to help people bring a little bit more joy into their lives, and is writing two young adult novels, and a Tarot handbook.