It started with a phone call: “She is beginning to transition. Come to the hospital immediately if you want to say goodbye!” Suddenly, the air was snatched out of my lungs and I was whisked outside of the meeting room, by a holistic health practitioner, who, upon seeing my obvious distress, began to minister to me. She said, “Deep breath. Hold it … now slowly release.” She then instructed me to tap on select pressure points on/around my face. And after only a few minutes, my anxiety attack subsided. I politely thanked her and hurried to the hospital to lend love and support to my BFF … as we watched her life slip away.

I am an urban-born/bred child of the 60’s, who learned early on not to be easily led, grew up questioning everything, and judging more than probably was called for. As the old Motown song goes, “Believe half of what you see; some and none of what you hear” … that was how I lived my life: as a skeptic. It served me well … until recently.

Over the past few years of an unplanned self-discovery journey, there have been many loved and well-respected people placed along the path, enjoying the benefits of holistic practices previously unfamiliar to me: Reiki healing; EFT therapy; oracle/tarot cards reading; using crystals/stones for energy work; and more. In the not-too-distant past, they would have been written off, but as my awareness of just how calm and balanced (not perfect and without issues) their lives are, it certainly bore closer examination.  

Researching some of these tools, thanks to my “favorite relative” Uncle Google (lol), has opened my eyes to what has heretofore been missing in life. Surprisingly, as some of these modalities have now been incorporated into my daily living, my spirit is beginning to calm down; focus and productivity are becoming more prominent, and sleeping through the night is more regular than at any other time in the past 35+ years.

As a practicing Christian/seminary-trained minister/former pastor, many of my friends and relatives view my entering this new dimension, as an abandonment of my faith. This is far from accurate: meditation enhances my prayer life; energy from the stones help me with clarity and provide a feeling of being protected; EFT is a great anxiety reducer; and the oracle cards, while not often used, administer direction and help make sense of issues and attitudes encountered in daily living. These are not ‘spooky’, ‘silly’, or ‘threatening’ habits; they are spiritual, inclusive and helpful … to those who will open their heart and mind to additional tools along their preferred path of faith journeying.  A big takeaway for me in all of this: religion and spirituality are mutually exclusive, but can and should, peacefully coexist.

While I’m not ready to completely abandon my #MotownMantra, this skeptic is now a practicing believer!  


Marcia Whyte, is a native of Chicago, IL who moved to Tennessee in 1996 and hasn’t left yet. A product of Chicago State and Roosevelt Universities and McCormick Theological Seminary, vocationally, she has enjoyed 30+ years in the ministry including successful pastorates.

Professionally, she is a former paralegal, enjoyed a 10+ year award-winning sales career and is now an entrepreneur and best-selling author. She is multilingual, fluently speaking: “Momma,” “CEO,” “Church,” “Gratitude,” and

From her own experience, she is well versed in guiding others from Loss to A Leadership Mindset and firmly believes (and teaches) ‘Relationship Over Transaction’ in business.

Her calling as a Life Coach is helping people work through tragedy to find/rediscover their purpose. Her platform as a Business Coach and Speaker is teaching professionals to become fluent in the language and practice of gratitude!


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