Message Notes:


 Facts about the New Moon in Taurus.

It’s time to return to self. Some will be soul searching while others will learn to appreciate what they have. If you have sown seeds in the past, you will reap a harvest. 

How to pick a card:

Sit in a relaxing position. Take 3 deep breaths. Ask this question out loud.

How will the New Moon in Taurus impact your next 30 days? 

Pick the stack of cards that stands out to you. Remember there are no right or wrong answers. Don’t cheat. Stick to ONE Stack.

You may find that the other cards resonate with you as well. Sometimes that happens. That doesn’t mean that you picked the wrong card. Be confident in your choice. As spirit to show you how your messages apply to you.


 Today’s Message


All 3 cards all in the suit of Swords. Swords represent mental energy, logical problem solving, learning lessons the hard way. Think about the image of a double edge sword. 

Ace of Swords- You are about to begin a journey to get to the core of who you are. This might hurt a little. Why?

Nine of Swords – You’ve been deceiving yourself. You’ve demonized this part of who you are. There is nothing wrong with the real you. And you won’t be able to hide it any longer if you want to be more and do more with your life. 

Ten of Swords – This journey won’t end in vain. Those things you have struggled with will come to an end. You will be able to toss away the old you because you’ve become a new creature. Do the self-work and reap the rewards. 


Judgment – It’s time to leave some shit behind and move forward. Forgive yourself for not making the move soon and do it now. You have been given a 2nd change to make things right. 

Two of Pentacles – Balance again. Something has to go, #TeamTooMuch #TeamDointTheMost has no place in your life.  

Six of Wands – Once you stop doing things because you feel you have to, because you can’t say know, because you feel it’s expected out of you or because it’s a distraction from what you really need to do, your life will be filled with one victory after another as you are finally using your skills for your divine purpose. 


Hermit – How is your quiet time? I know it may be difficult especially if you are quarantined with your family. Now is not the time to make any rash decisions. It’s important that you spend time in quiet.  Don’t move on any important decisions unless you are absolutely sure this is the path you should take. 

Three of Wands – You have been ready to bolt for quite some time now. Your attention is elsewhere. Don’t burn or ruin your blessings wishing for something else because you believe it’s better than what you have or where you are.

Seven of Cups – Everything can be a blessing or a curse of you believe it is. Take a look at the things you’ve been complaining about. Are they things your wish for and received? Happiness doesn’t come from things. Stop looking at what others have, how others show up and the rewards they receive. That isn’t for you. Find joy, peace and blessings exactly where you are. 


May your message bless you and your household. 

-Priestess Contessa 

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