Message Notes:


How to pick a card:

Sit in a relaxing position. Take 3 deep breaths. Ask this question out loud.

What message do I need to know today?

Pick the stack of cards that stands out to you. Remember there are no right or wrong answers. Don’t cheat. Stick to ONE Stack.

You may find that the other cards resonate with you as well. Sometimes that happens. That doesn’t mean that you picked the wrong card. Be confident in your choice. As spirit to show you how your messages apply to you.


 Today’s Message


Five of Pentacles – Distraction. Wanting things that aren’t good for you. Not listening to sound advice.

Page of Wands – Beginning what you start. Not all ideas are good for you. Keep string the pot.

Change – You are transforming. Let go of the past. Embrace the light and joy of this new day.


Four of Swords – Relax & Chill. You already ate and are satisfied. No cares or worries. 

The Fool – Entertain your desires. Go and have fun. Things will fall into place. 

Gentleness – Strength is gentle. True Kindness has wings. Love in action endures. 


Seven of Swords – Running away from yourself and your purpose. No plan B.

Ace of Swords – You already planted seeds. Do the work needed for harvest. Seeds = Abundance.

Prosperity – Focus on the positive and more good will come. Give thanks for blessings and they will multiply. Prosperity begins in the mind.

May this message bless you and your household.

-Priestess Contessa

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