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Monday’s message

Ace of Cups- open your heart to new experiences so they can pour you a blessing.


King of Swords – Take a Good Look at your Financial Situation

Judgment has been pronounced. The sushi is good. The king of swords is the only king in the Terrell court that is on equal terms with his partners and matter of governing and issuing Burdicks. They are both depicted as having assumed the roles of critics and the success of each restaurant and rides on their authority. The King is shown making the traditional tons of just year which is come to be recognized as a sign of approval. The chef is standing in the background, his head is bowed with his knife resting against his shoulder in the gesture of humility and respect. A pair of glasses and rolled up newspaper lies in front of the king symbolizing his dedication to knowledge and learning. They also imply that he likes to eat alone and does not enjoy interruptions.

What stands out to you? Let’s break down some of the symbolism. 

Let’s talk about the thumbs-up gesture. 

Anthropologists consider is the development of the opposable thumb as the vital evolutionary step that separates man from an animal. The thumb is to the hand with the hand this to the brain. Classical Romans and Greeks recorded them as a phallic symbol and considered it a symbol of fertility. And palmistry the character and comic potential of a person can be determined by the size, color, and shape of the thumb. There is a debate among scholars as to the meeting of them testers and Roman amphitheater, but it has been greatly proven that a gladiator would not have been happy to see a series of upraised thumbs in a crowd, as it meant certain death. The debate continues as to whether the thumb is to be hidden or pointed for leniency.

What does all this mean?

It’s time to really take a good look at your finances. Stop hiding. Some of you are asking for bigger things like homes, cars or office space. Can you really afford it and the maintenance? Some of you are trying to make 5-10 k a month? Can you afford the supplies, staff and new software to make it happen? Christmas is around the corner. Some of you will spend money traveling to see folks you don’t like, or buy gifts for some dude with an ashy peen. 

So what message does the King of Swords have for us today? 

Here are a few things you can keep your eye on so that you can really see whats going on in your finances. 

  1. Create a Financial Calendar
  2. Track Your Net Worth
  3. Set a Budget, Period
  4. Create a vision board
  5. Set financial goals
  6. Adopt a Spending Mantra – more than $50 wait
  7. Banish Toxic Money Thoughts
  8. Spend money for the person or business you are now, not who you want to be

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