Message Notes:


How to pick a card:

Sit in a relaxing position. Take 3 deep breaths. Ask this question out loud.

What message do I need to know for this weekend.

Pick the stack of cards that stands out to you. Remember there are no right or wrong answers. Don’t cheat. Stick to ONE Stack.

You may find that the other cards resonate with you as well. Sometimes that happens. That doesn’t mean that you picked the wrong card. Be confident in your choice. As spirit to show you how your messages apply to you.


 Today’s Message


Eight of Swords – Self-deception, mind prison, believing falsehoods

Three of Pentacles – Partnership. Collaboration, unions, family

Expectations – Be open to whatever comes next. It might just be the music your heart’s been waiting to hear. 


Pentacles are all about health, finances, work, and creativity

Two of Pentacles – Off-balance, doing the most, reacting on emotions

Knight of Pentacles – Need for routine, a plan look at the direction you are going

Discernment – See the truth of the situation. Use common sense and do not be fooled. Pay attention. Your intuition knows. 


Wands represent energy, motivation and passion

Four of Wands – creative ventures, begin a new thing, your moves are blessed

Queen of Wands – Take charge, more receiving than doing. Just be you

Gratitude – Be grateful for abundance. Live in appreciation for what you have and more good things will come.

May this message bless you and your household.

-Priestess Contessa

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