Mushrooms, often dubbed the “vegetable of the spirit”, play a pivotal role in spiritual practices, especially in the realm of mysticism. Join Tessa in an in-depth exploration as she crafts a potent bath transformation spell, weaving together the energies of mushrooms, herbs, and water.

The Magic of the Mystery Jar

Spell-making, while rooted in ancient traditions, often embraces elements of unpredictability. Tessa’s introduction of the mystery jar in her rituals exemplifies this. By rolling the dice and diving into this jar, she relinquishes control, letting the universe take the reins and adding a layer of delightful surprise to the process.

Neurodivergence: A Deep Dive into its Mystical Implications

Tessa takes a moment to shed light on the often-misunderstood realm of neurodivergence. By sharing personal experiences and insights, she provides a fresh perspective, emphasizing the unique strengths and challenges neurodivergent individuals bring to the mystical table.

Inclusive Farming: A Vision for the Future

In a world where accessibility is paramount, Tessa champions the cause of inclusive farming. Every individual, irrespective of their geographical location or background, should have the right to harness the bounties of the earth, she believes. Through this, Tessa envisions a future where farming is not just a profession, but a right.

Gamification: Making Learning a Joyful Experience

Mysticism, while profound, needn’t be solemn. Tessa introduces a gamified approach to her teachings, transforming learning into a playful, interactive, and thoroughly engaging experience. This method breaks down complex concepts, making them accessible and enjoyable.

The Mystical Properties of Mushrooms

Mushrooms, in Tessa’s teachings, are more than just culinary delights. She delves deep into the properties of specific mushrooms like the blue oyster and hint of the woods. Each carries its unique vibrational energy, playing a distinct role in spells and rituals.

The Trickster’s Role: Challenging and Rebuilding

Life, with its predictable routines, often needs a jolt. Tricksters, embodied by Tessa, serve this purpose. By challenging established norms and injecting humor, they pave the path for personal growth, mindset transformation, and the evolution of belief systems.

Crafting the Bath Transformation Spell: A Step-by-step Guide

At the heart of this session is the creation of the bath transformation spell. This isn’t just a ritual; it’s a therapeutic experience. Here’s a glimpse into the crafting process:

  • Key Ingredients: Hen of the woods mushrooms (for positivity, peace, and fertility), and rosemary (for protection against negative energies).
  • Preparation: The mushrooms should be dried, preferably in a dehydrator or an oven set at a low temperature. Once dried, they can be crushed into a fine powder.
  • Combining: To the powdered mushrooms, add dried rosemary. This herb acts as a protective agent, warding off negative energies.
  • Infusion: The mixture is then infused into bath salts, ensuring an even distribution of ingredients.
  • Usage: For a bath ritual, sprinkle the infused salts into warm bath water. As you soak, visualize the protective and transformative energies enveloping you, washing away negativity and rejuvenating your spirit.

Satchels, Tea Bags, and More: Ensuring a Clean Ritual

A bath ritual should be relaxing and free from interruptions. Tessa provides ingenious solutions to ensure the ritual remains undisturbed. Whether using satchels, tea bags, or brewing the ingredients separately, she ensures the energies remain pure and the experience, pristine.

Concluding with Heartfelt Gratitude

As the enlightening session comes to an end, Tessa, with a heart full of gratitude, thanks her audience for their unwavering support and active participation. She leaves them with a teaser of what’s to come, ensuring they eagerly await her next session.

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For those looking to dive even deeper into the mystical world of mushrooms, herbs, and transformative rituals, Tessa’s “Mushrooms & Mysticism” series offers a wealth of knowledge. Embark on this transformative journey by visiting Tessa’s YouTube Channel.