We have this belief that fully stepping into our powerful essence is an individual momentous experience.

Imagine the inspirational drama of that with me for a second.

Your “F*ck this” moment.

Your “It has got to be better than this!” moment.

This awareness slams into your face and you say, “YES! This is it! I’m ready to change ______!”

The concept of transformation is sold to us as if it’s a single decision or once we make every few weeks on the new moon.

But guess what?

It’s really a little messier and a lot more glorious than that.

When you decide to honor your most courageous expression and vibration you DO feel invigorated and excited but this is not when the real change happens.

The REAL change happens in the million little decisions that you get to make from this moment forward.  

The REAL growth happens in the moments when you’re tired and it would be oh-so-easy to shrink back into your old disempowered behavior for just a minute but you say NO and choose to stay in alignment with your vision.

The REAL power appears when you fight to cultivate every inch of yourself into the person who you want to be- who you’ve always known is the REAL you underneath all the conditioning.

And while it would be lovely if we could choose once and be on our merry way, that’s not the way it works.

Just like any meaningful change in our life, the journey towards fully owning ourselves is actually what makes the destination what it is.

If you could just snap your fingers and be fully embodied, fully in your power, fully tapped in and turned on, you wouldn’t really VALUE it.

But when you have to make millions of decisions to stay fully embodied, fully in your power, fully tapped in and turned on, you had better BELIEVE that nothing is going to knock you off that throne for very long.

Getting back on that throne becomes a HABIT.

It becomes a monthly, weekly, daily, hourly PRACTICE.

You become devoted over time and a sacredness emerges with the ritual of standing up and remounting your throne.

And, just as a side note, approaching your business while sitting on this throne is straight up magic.

Your strategy becomes simple and effective.

Your clients get more and more AMAZING.

Your income grows with such little effort.

Your impact expands exponentially.

Your content becomes explosive.

Your visibility feels EASY.

Your whole business becomes divinely guided.

It’s seriously good stuff, you guys.

10 out of 10 would recommend.

Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.


Nannette Minley is an intuitive marketing and business coach for spiritually driven mentors, guides and coaches.

She supports you in tapping into your divine message so that you can attract soulmate clients to your business and experience full alignment with your purpose.