Often during dawn, while I am still in that zone between wakefulness & sleep, some clear strands of thoughts suddenly shoot out of nowhere, for me to only realize later that they are not, ‘as random’ as they might seem. They are usually bringing some kind of reaffirming guidance, clarity or wisdom; subtly. Few days back, I woke up to a renewed consciousness about sending Reiki to all fellow Reiki Practitioners. And, as I became fully ‘awoke’ (just from the past night’s sleep!); it made all the more sense. 

Life is such that it does create some kind of insecurity even in the best of us; some inevitable sense of strife, control, & conflict. Unfortunate; but that is how the dynamics in the material world seem to operate. In fact, even, in the world of modern spirituality, this seems to be becoming all too unabashedly common. ‘Gurus’ who state they’ve freed themselves from the karmic cycle of birth & death yet feel a sense of competition to ‘position’ themselves right to gain more followers! Disciples feel the urge to climb higher up in the hierarchy of public prominence in the handling of the Guru’s affairs. 

However, it is considered more than natural, & even healthy for people in more mortal workspaces, to harbor competitive & covetous feelings, & ambitions, consciously or subconsciously. 

Fortunately, that is where the professional ‘working’ world of Reiki becomes different, for this world is not considered separate from, but just a microcosmic part of the beautiful macrocosm of that Reiki is. 

Reiki is divine life energy. And because it is, the liberating fact about it is that it is always eternally pure, wholesome, loving, always infinitely abundant. It is unconditional light, and love. And so, it cannot flow from anything, or for anything that is not to do with love & light. It does not discriminate in its wish to flow to anyone. We, in our gross vibrations, in our ignorant ways of living our lives, may inadvertently impede or block our own capacity to allow the unrestricted flow of this force in our energy fields.

 So, the thought that came to me this morning was simply a loving reminder that my profession in Reiki is no different from the larger path of Reiki. And boy! How I loved the peace of this! It was a reminder of what my teacher had also shared as I went through the final process of becoming a Reiki master-that, in this world of becoming aligned with beautiful Holy Fire source, there is no place for unhealthy strife; conflict; insecurity; & competition. This is because we are working with, & surrendering to the guidance of all that is pure & whole & divinely fair. This pure divine healing energy works to align all of us with only the highest vibrations; to direct us to versions of us that are increasingly whole.

And this energy is absolutely, divinely-wise enough to guide each of our paths, as practitioners, exactly as is individually right for us, depending on where we stand in our own evolvement; what are the lessons that will best serve us in our evolution; & what is our highest good. There will be no two people whose lessons, paths, patterns, challenges, blessings; or ways of growth will be exactly the same, irrespective if they are practicing the same healing, & even if they have the same experience, same true intentions, the same level of sincerity. Sometimes, it might even appear that those who seem less evolved than you on this scale, might be doing better, but there is an intelligent reason working beneath this, the complexities of which you don’t need to figure out, only to trust!  

 All you need to know is that there are enough people, or ‘clients’, if you will, for all. Anyone else’s thriving practice will not hinder your growth. Never allow yourself to think it will. That is not the path of Reiki; which is foremost that of peace, kindness, loving integration, & acceptance. Do not mistakenly understand this to mean that we need to be inauthentic, or people pleasers. This also means, your thriving practice will not be a dampener to anyone else’s desire to grow, even if you should be unfortunate enough to wish it! Each of us is unique & carry our own special spiritual imprints on the path. People who are meant to be genuinely supported by what you provide will be guided to you; when you are internally ready for them. And, even among these, those who are most vibrationally aligned with you, shall fall into step with you, love & understand your work, & very happily honor it & honor their own part in this exchange — by happily honoring their part of the exchange. 

According to William Lee Rand, the founder of the International Center for Reiki Training, “It’s been found that when Reiki teachers and practitioners work together to promote Reiki, rather than competing with each other, they create a vortex of positive energy that is a much stronger attractive force than each of them working separately.” 

This was indeed clearly visible in the workings of the group ‘United In Healing’ co-founded by Reiki practitioners, Laurelle Shanti Gaia & Kathie Lipinski, in Louisville, Kentucky, to bring healing & light to the distrustful & negative state they sensed between Reiki practitioners in their community. Says Laurelle, in an article, “As we became supportive of one another, everyone’s Reiki practice began to grow. We were doing much better than when we were all isolated. Those who were truly able to embrace harmony in their hearts for one another have done the best with their practices. Those who choose not to overcome their fears, still find things more difficult…”  

There is no time that is not the right time, to follow the light of Reiki, once on the path. When we are always mindful of this, not just with ourselves & our clients, but also with our fellow practitioners, we are guided to become better versions of our own selves. We serve better not just others, but also our highest good. 

I’m grateful for my higher self for making sure to check in, from time to time, that I’m always conscious about staying aligned to these values of Reiki, & of my true path. They are uncompromisable. Everything else will follow, as it has to, & as it right. This is invaluable advice for any of us practitioners of Reiki to remember, for any of those times when we might be in self-doubt, or feel troubled, or tested. When you have committed to guide through light; allow the light to guide you.


A loving empath, who loves her Indian roots, yet cannot always suffer fitting in. Too authentic to be a conformist, too regular to wish to be a rebel. I’m a forever spiritual seeker of truth; a Buddhist Vipassana meditator; an Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki Master; a NAHA Certified Aromatherapist; & a Tarot guide, & give distance & in person service. Through insights, wisdom, & tools I’ve picked up in my own path, I’ve learned that everything unpleasant in life does not always have a perfect answer, but, a holistic, compassionate approach can uplift us through much more than we think! I’m grateful to gently support anyone, who feels like a sitting duck to unresolved emotional scars; mental traumas, chronic conditions & more on a journey to greater empowerment. …Because, the ability to wake up to greater balance & joy that we deserve, ALWAYS exists!


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