Some of my earliest “feel good” memories involve food and family. I remember helping my mother cook my favorite dishes and sharing a laugh or two. I want to pass down those same feelings to my children.  Chantel McKie-Smith of Phatty’s Home Cooking can make that happen for me and for you also. 

What do you do?

Founder Chantel McKie-Smith told MOD&ALT Health Magazine, “I have a cookbook, cooking course, and provide one on one services.”

What makes you different?

Cooking at home doesn’t have to be hard.

McKie-Smith says.”Teaching the joys, benefits, and convenience of all things home cooking. All of my recipes/tutorials are completely adaptable to all dietary needs and come with chef support from me via email, social media, and private group settings.

How your Business Got Started?

You have healthy food choices.

McKie-Smith explains.”To help people get more home cooked meals on the table, be in control of every ingredient that goes into their bodies and connecting families, friends and community, one plate at a time.

Biggest Win?

Success at a pop-up.

McKie-Smith adds, “I come from a long line of great cooks. Their palates know good food and the are very critical of what they eat. When I had a pop-up in my hometown (Philly), not only did one of my uncles purchase a meal from me, he was so satisfied with my product, he ordered another meal first thing the next day! That gave me all the seal of approval I needed.”

What would you do differently?

McKie-Smith explains, “I am currently doing it all over again with a relaunch. I am letting go of a negative, self-sabotaging mindset. Thinking that way stagnated my progression and didn’t allow me to see my fullest potential.”

Interesting Fact?

McKie-Smith shared, “I named my business in honor of my younger sister who passed away in 2014. My nickname for her was Fatty. I changed the F to a PH because we were born and raised in Philadelphia. So I am paying homage to my sister, as well as my hometown.

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