Your wants, needs and desires matter, especially in the bedroom.  Devi Maisha of Sensual Energy Alchemy brings sensuality from behind closed doors, and into every part of your life.

What makes you different?

Founder Devi Maisha told MOD&ALT Health Magazine, “I’m known for teaching about Sex Magic and Sensuality. I think when women live in the fullness of their power (which includes sensuality) they create magic in their lives and the lives of those around them. brand.”

How your Business Got Started?

Let’s talk about it.

Devi explains.”I started my business to help men and women communicate better with each other and heal from their past relationship pain.”

Biggest Win?

The Rise of the Feminine Expo

Devi adds, “My biggest win so far has been speaking at the Rise of the Feminine Expo in Georgia. It was an amazing experience! The organizer reached out to me and asked me to speak – I was honored. For me it meant my message was real – this wasn’t just a “thing” – people were listening. It was a signal for me to get extra serious about my business and my brand.”

WHat would you do differently?

Devi explains, “Honestly I wouldn’t. To change one thing in the past is to change where I am now – and I love where I am right now.”

Interesting Fact?

Devi shared, “I started out as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor lol.”

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