Energy is everywhere. Being able to harness that energy to heal others is a gift. Thankfully we have Dominique D. Wilson of Rohini Wellness to lead us down that path of wellness. 

What do you do?

Founder Dominique D. Wilson told MOD&ALT Health Magazine, “I provide Reiki Therapy, Distance Energy Healing, Holistic Wellness Consultations, and Chakra Care Products.

What makes you different?

Trauma Recovery and Reiki Healing.

Wilson says.”I am known for helping women to through trauma-recovery through Naturopathic Reiki Therapy.

What sets me apart is the Naturopathic approach to energy healing, which includes full-spectrum wellness consultations. Rather than an exclusive Reiki session, each of my clients walks away with a customized Holistic Self-Care Plan featuring recommendations to support them in various aspects of their health.

I am also certified in Trauma-Informed Outreach through the Connection Coalition. Paired with the empathy from my own self-healing journey of trauma-recovery, I understand very well how to support others through the most delicate aspects of the healing and self-discovery process.”

How your Business Got Started?

I am here to heal others.

Wilson explains.”My mission has always been empowering women to love themselves, lead with purpose, and live their dream. As a speaker and healer, I started Rohini Wellness to transform that mission into a movement! I can now be of greater service to others, my family, and myself by laying the foundation for something that will continue to uplifting humanity for generations to come.

Biggest Win?

Proof that I’m in alignment through testimonies.

Wilson adds, “My biggest win has been the collective testimony of my clients who have expressed gratitude after they experience my services and products. They express gratitude for my willingness to help them move beyond mental and emotional blocks, discover their potential, find hope in dark moments, reduce their stress, and heal themselves physically from various ailments. This meant the world to me as an entrepreneur because it means that I am in alignment with my purpose and that every bit of adversity that I’ve had to overcome along my journey was worth it!”

What would you do differently?

Wilson explains, “If I could do it all over again, I would create more online video and audio content sooner because I now see the value in using these methods, not only to connect with more people but also to further develop my voice as an influencer. I would stick to ONE social media platform, rather than trying to be everywhere. Finally, I would seek out opportunities to collaborate with other local healers rather than going it alone.”

Interesting Fact?

Wilson shared, “Earlier this spring, I was interviewed by Voyage Dallas Magazine and featured as one of their “Most Inspiring Stories.

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