Running a business can be challenging. It can be even more so when you are raising children with special needs or complex diagnoses. Faith Clake with Melody of Autism is here to help you find a way that fits your unique lifestyle.

What do you do?

Founder Faith Clarke told MOD&ALT Health Magazine, “I provide Intuitive Strategy Sessions, Strategic Planning Consultations, Team Effectiveness Interventions, and Autism Sensitivity Training.

How Your Business Got Started?

I know what it is like to raise a child with special needs.

Clarke explains.”I started my business to help moms of kids with complex needs lead businesses that they really love, to help them create energy and income to support their kid’s needs. I really believe that entrepreneurship, done in ways that really fit the complex rhythm of special needs mama life, can help many mamas avoid special needs parenting burnout and thrive.

Biggest Win?

I watched their lives changed. 

Clarke adds, “I worked with a team who serve the autism population and helped them feel clearer, more connected to people with autism and more ready to magically change their lives. Watching them work and knowing I had a part of that is amazing!

What would you do differently?

Clarke explains, “I’d have the courage to promote the training/coaching part of my business are my primary product.”

Interesting Fact?

Clarke shared, “Melody of Autism was the name of a small, local concert I hosted to make money for some of Jaedon’s therapies many many years ago. We made about $1000.

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