I’ve had the pleasure of knowing some of the Empresses that Famira M. Green of Freedom Media Group has worked with. Green totally captures the essence of every client she works with. She has the unique ability to visualize the soul of your business. I can’t wait to work with her in the future. 

What do you do?

Founder Famira M. Green told MOD&ALT Health Magazine, “Soul-Inspired Empire™ is my signature offering. I offer empire building and branding services.

What makes you different?

Connection to Divine Clients.

Green says, “It’s my mission to help these Empresses create their own Soul-Inspired Empire™ by connecting them to their Divine clients through soul, strategy and storytelling. Often when others think of building businesses or branding they focus solely on the strategy aspect that creates income. I have also been focused on impact understanding that it’s your impact that creates a way for your income.

How Your Business Got Started?

Service to women.

Green explains, “I started my business because I knew I wanted to not only work for myself but to also create a legacy where I was remembered for the service that I gave to other women. To help them in owning their voices and mastering how they show up in the fullness of their soul’s expression to the world.

Biggest Win?

Growing spiritually.

Green adds, “Honestly my biggest win in my business would probably be viewed as a loss to others. It is the fact that I put a pause on my business and went back to working a 9 to 5 to manage my household. But in taking that pause for 18months it allowed me to go on a much needed spiritual journey which led me to the confidence to show up in my own fullness. Understanding that I have always been much more than a Creative Brand Strategist. Owning the truth that I’m a Soul Strategist for Entrepreneurs. Which now has now led me to ultimate clarity that I help women to heal their voices which helps them attract their sacred tribe with their authentic voice while doing what they love, transforming the world, and making impact and income.

What would you do differently?

Green explains, “I’d trust myself and what I knew that God was showing me over ALL else! It’s something that I teach my clients and I understand that I had to go on my own journey to the next level.”

Interesting Fact?

Green shared, “My clients always tell me that I give them Cool Ass Auntie Vibes because though we put in work, we also have fun in the process.

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