Imagine being inspired enough to create your dream business. You know your ideal client. Researched the market. You even purchased your domain name. Now. Imagine the disappointment when you can’t figure out how to turn your dreams into reality. That’s when you can turn to Loreal Moss and Intuitive Biz Solutions.

What makes you different?

Creating solutions.

Founder Loreal Moss told MOD&ALT Health Magazine,  “I consider myself a jackie of all trades. Many people like this get a bad rep but I love that I know about a lot of things and that I do a lot of things well. Even if I’m not using all these skills with my clients, I’m able to take the knowledge I have and create solutions. These solutions often include working with me or being referred to someone I trust that can fulfill their need at the moment.”

How your Business Got Started?

Family first.

Moss explains.”I initially started my business to provide for my family. Over time, my mission has evolved. I wanted to use my gifts to be impactful. Not only do I want to create generational wealth for my family, but I also wanted to inspire and empower others to go after their dreams. I especially wanted to show black women you can be a mother, and not be a victim of motherhood. You can be a parent and still be an individual.”

Biggest Win?

Trust the small voice inside.

Moss adds, “The biggest “win” in my business’s history was learning to trust myself. A lot of people may talk about financial gains and getting x number of followers but learning to trust me has been a lifetime in the making. I still seek validation when it comes to my offers but not in the sense of “I won’t do it until I know it works.” I’m much more willing to try and risk failure than I have been in quite some time, especially in my business.

So many people are miserable trying to fit into molds that can’t hold all their greatness. I was like that and now I’ve got a new attitude. It’s amazing what the right kind of mentorship and mindset work can do for you!

What would you do differently?

Moss explains, “If I could do it all over again, I would definitely have looked for a job while I was building my business. The circumstances under which I left my job before I started my business weren’t ideal. There was no way I could’ve kept my job. If I could do it again, I would have gone to a temp service or something to get income coming in while I was building so I wouldn’t have spent so much time stressing about money while I was working on getting my first few clients.”

Interesting Fact?

Moss shared, “When I first started my business, I never thought I would work with 6 figure clients and since the beginning, I’ve worked with several.”

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