Imagine spending months writing the book of your dreams. You’ve poured your heart into it, sacrificing your time and maybe your sanity. Now, imagine the disappointment you would feel if no one purchased your book? That was my story many years ago. Had I known Ryan C. Greene from GreeneHouse Media then like I do now, I could be relaxing on a beach and living that six-figure life. 

What do you do?

Founder Ryan C. Greene told MOD&ALT Health Magazine, “I am a professional and personal development coach and small business marketing coach. Through public speaking, books, and radio, I teach leadership, brand building, and sales copy writing.

What makes you different?

I maximize book sales and profits.

Greene says.”My brand “Six-Figure Author Mastery” is known for helping authors turn their $20 books into six-figure revenue streams. With over 15 years experience in book publishing and author coaching, my proven methods and systems for streamlining the writing process and maximizing book sales and profits, have made me one of the most sought after author coaches in the nation.

How your Business Got Started?

My story, my way.

Greene explains.”My business started out of a desire to tell my story, my way. When my first book was written in 2004, I didn’t want to go through the process of getting hundreds of rejection letters from publishers, so I created my own media company. I sent one query letter to myself and I said “YES!” My goal has always been to create “media with a purpose” by sharing stories that both educate and entertain.

Biggest Win?

Every win is a win.

Greene adds, “My company’s biggest win is always the very last win. No matter how big or small. Having just released my eighth book, “Becoming A Passionpreneur”, and watching it hit 9 Amazon Best Seller lists the first day was amazing! This book is the culmination of all the lessons I’ve learned these past 15 years summed up in 156 pages. The feedback already has been tremendous.

What would you do differently?

Greene explains, “If I could do it all over again, the one thing I’d do differently is getting help sooner. I spent way too much time trying to do everything by myself. Building a team of experts to handle certain tasks would have propelled my business much further, much faster.”

Interesting Fact?

Greene shared, “My book publishing company was originally named “Bakari Book Publishers”. Bakari is Swahili for “one with great promise”. I loved the name but after hearing it mispronounced every time I was introduced to speak, I decided it was time to go with something easier.

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