Sometimes you need someone to point you in the right direction in your business or personal life. Thankfully we have Seneca Williams of Seneca Williams Counseling and Coaching to assist us with her holistic approach to coaching. 

What do you do?

Founder Seneca Williams told MOD&ALT Health Magazine, “I’m an Entrepreneur Performance coach, helping professional women learn the productivity skills required to match their 9-5 income with their home-based service business. I teach my clients to breakthrough their fears and develop a business mindset.

Mindset and Performance Coaching for aspiring women entrepreneurs (Global) I help women breakthrough their fears to develop a business mindset, so they can answer their calling. “Conquer your fears, Conquer your Calling”

Online Therapy for professional women (New York/Florida) I help my clients understand the connection between their mental/emotional wellness and success. “Grow Through Emotional Mess to Achieve Career Success”

What makes you different?

A holistic approach to business development!

Williams says.”Business success begins with the inner self. Success happens at the intersection of emotional intelligence and a growth mindset. I help my clients make the connections of emotional baggage, learned behaviors, past traumas and their current business performance. Many of my clients have felt lost in business coaching programs because their insecurities, mindset and current lifestyle were not addressed. Once my clients learn how to use a holistic approach to business development they start having small wins, which lead to big wins!

How Your Business Got Started?

If I can do this, so can you!

Williams explains.”I did not start a business just for money, I started it for purpose and a better quality of life. I think many people go wrong when they’re just about the money. I had a vision, to support women to manage their mental health and be financially independent. All women are the backbone of society, we are all caregivers and some of us mothers. Growing up I saw the damage that mental health and financial dependence can create within the home and the community. I became an advocate for mental health and domestic violence. Women want to feel happy and successful!

At 28 years old, I was a single mom with a 2 year old, I felt trapped in my life and like I wasn’t in control. I knew that I was anxious and depressed trying to follow societies and my family’s expectations. I decided to answer my calling and change careers from law to psychology by returning to school for a Masters Degree in Mental Health Counseling and later a Certificate in Professional Coaching. I knew if I could do this, I can help others too and I do! I am grateful for being a part of hundreds of women’s life transformations.”

Biggest Win?

I started from the bottom.

Williams adds, “In 2015, I launched my online practice, but just a few months after, I was separated from my husband and lost everything. I had to abruptly relocate from New York to Florida with only 2 suitcases, my daughter, no job, no money and no home. I re-launched my business in 2017 in Florida with no investors, no loans, no team. I was able to relaunch a business, that allowed me to support myself and my daughter full time. I used ALL my resources and built a new community of supporters in person and online. I utilized 4 C’s Courage, Clarity, Consistency, Community. Since then, I have been invited for speaking engagements, interviews, hosted an online radio/tv showed which aired on public access television in several states and managed my anxiety and depression. My biggest win in business history is starting from THE BOTTOM, now I’m here.

What would you do differently?

Williams explains, “If I could do it ALL over again, I would have started sooner. I would have told myself “Seneca, you can do this! Don’t be scared.” Start now!!! The longer I waited, the ease of entry became more difficult and the market became more crowded. Also, the longer I fed into my fears, the longer it took for me to start. For example, those coaches who took full advantage of FREE social media marketing, FB Lives, IG Lives 5 -10 years ago, built LARGE followings, make thousands daily and did it with no money for advertising.”

Interesting Fact?

Williams shared, “My spirit animal is the eagle, it represents, strength, leadership and vision. They fly higher than all the other birds. I plan to take flying lessons one day, I want to be a pilot. I guess I want to fly with the eagles. I know…it’s crazy! right?”

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