There is so much negativity around intuitive reading and seeking spiritual help in your life and business. Many of us are intuitive but don’t rely on our gut feelings to help us during the day. Therese Heart from Intuitive Therese provides a safe place where you can ask questions and receive the healing that you desire, all with joy. 

What Do You Do?

Founder Therese Heart told MOD&ALT Health Magazine, “I offer intuitive readings and coaching to spiritually-inclined empathic entrepreneurs who find themselves attracting the same negative patterns again, who can’t seem to move forward in life and feel afraid, unsupported, and alone in their life journey.”

What makes you different?

No judgment zone.

Heart says, “My clients tell me that one of the things I do very well and why they come to me is because of non-judgment! I have clients who are closeted, clients who struggle with addictions like alcohol abuse and pornography, clients who struggle with boundaries and are constantly ashamed of themselves. My clients all feel one same thing: misunderstood. They keep coming back to me because they always tell me how safe they feel with me with everything whether it’s telling me about how they long for intimacy with their partners, how they feel suicidal and want to give up. This is so important for me, creating a safe sacred space to be because I know how it feels like to feel ashamed of being who you are. Ashamed of being inadequate and lacking support and understanding. I grew up under a microscope — I was always under the scrutiny of my parents’ fake friends and how they always compared me and my siblings with their own kids. I had repeated experiences with narcissists, co-dependent and one-sided friendships, and psychological bullying that all made me feel the mistaken belief that I’m going to be harmed for being weak, for needing help, for wanting to be understood. So, the fact that my clients tell me they feel the space I create with them is safe and healing for them means the world to me. I wish everyone can feel and have that kind of support and sisterhood.

How your Business Got Started?

Blogging, transitions and needed to share with others.

Heart explains.”My business started out as a Facebook blog in 2015 under the name “Angel Inspirations”. At that time, I was in a transitional time in my life. I wanted to leave school and pursue spiritual work. My parents didn’t understand at the time and it was an extremely lonely journey. I felt I only had God, the Universe at my side. This loneliness had been an ongoing dynamic in my life and one of the core reasons for wanting to leave school was also because I felt separate from my school environment. I was 2 years into university at the time and I didn’t have anyone I can count on, but everyone counted on me. It was extremely painful which made me ultimately just want to leave everything and everyone behind and pursue something spiritually related because my spirituality helped me find hope and meaning despite the loneliness. I opened up the blog because there was nobody I felt I could talk to about spirituality. I didn’t want to keep all the realizations and insights from my meditations to just myself! I yearned to share it. And when I launched the blog on Facebook, I also got into Facebook groups, got to meet people who were also looking for direction and support. I started out provided advice pro-bono because it’s something I’ve always wanted to do anyway, and then as my confidence and my learning increased, I started offering readings and then it took off from there. Just a few months after, actually, I was discovered by a local radio station, RX 93.1 Monster Radio here in the Philippines which is a huge and popular radio show! I got to be my woo woo self and talk about Angels, sing my angel songs, and do live guidance — I felt so supported. That’s when I felt, from the Universe, that I was home. This is what I came here to do.

Biggest Win?

Healing through my business.

Heart adds, “My biggest win in my business I’d say is how much I’ve transformed through it. There’s this saying passed around on Facebook among the biz communities about how if you wanted to heal yourself and develop as a person, start a business. It’s so true. I wouldn’t be who I am today if my business didn’t trigger me in the biggest ways. Before I used to only do written readings, I wouldn’t call anyone or meet anyone personally and things would take place on chat and email. I did this because I was so scared of judgment and I also didn’t trust myself or my abilities. My business called me to be available to those people who are looking for me, to be proudly myself no matter how weird and nichey it was considering my country, the Philippines, is majorly conservative Catholic (and Muslim in the south), and also to trust myself. To trust in my ability to help people, trust in my discernment, and to trust that I am a worth investing in coaching and personal development courses on. Doing business healed me and is healing me. I still feel the social anxiety, the age-old defense mechanisms that are telling me to keep hiding and to keep quiet, but my business forces me to be accountable, to show up, to develop the things I didn’t have.

What would you do differently?

Heart explains, “I would stop being a people-pleaser. When I started my business, it wasn’t even a business yet because I did things pro bono or by donation, but back then I focused on making myself as small and as convenient as possible. I was terrified of disappointing people and people thinking I was all about the money just for having prices. I learned recently, because I attended a lecture on Filipino culture, that the need to be seen as a good person is so deeply internalized in our culture. I needed to be seen as a good person even if it meant having the worst boundaries and making myself a doormat. I remember my worst was having these two clients message me every day, asking me for free advice, and me dropping everything cold just to meet their needs. So if I were to restart, I would have told them that I can’t do free work and give them hotlines to government agencies and pro-bono therapy services. And I would have skipped those 5 months going back and forth with them in order to focus on clients who did need me and valued me.”

Interesting Fact?

Heart shared, “We will laugh a lot in our sessions! We’ll laugh together because life can be so strange, weird, depressing, and yet fascinatingly beautiful and expansive. I hope to gift laughter in your heart!”

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