I feel like we should start with this, I don’t have all the answers, none of us do. But we’re more likely to find the answers that serve us the most by taking the deep dives inward. That I truly believe with every electric fiber of this spiritual and totally human being!

The truth is, I’d fought and second-guessed this path of mine for, well, the better part of my entire life. Funny, yet not-so-funny how that works yeah?

So in that spirit, I thought for this mystic-cherry-popping experience, it would be a super groovy idea to take you through the signs of whether or not you may be a modern mystic, yet unaware. This isn’t an exhaustive list, and of course, it’s not the answer as to whether or not you are – only you can answer that, but it’s a pretty epic start.

7 Signs You May Be a Modern Mystic:

  1. You were constantly asked for advice by adults, even as a child. Once I was a grown-up, I marveled at how that would happen to me as a child. Why would full grown adults ask a 10-year-old about their marital problems and if they should stay or go? Because more often than not these adults saw what we weren’t awakened to fully just yet.
  2. You were often told you were exceptionally mature for your age or wise beyond your years. Being an old soul is definitely not a requirement for being a modern mystic. But there’s no mistaking that while part of the path is seeking, another piece of that path is coming here with certain “knowings” already in place.
  1. You read descriptions of indigo, crystal and starseed children and think – “They’re telling the story of my life.”

And it may be that you see it in your child or children (depending on which generation you’re in, I’m Gen X), and it takes an outside angel to point out what is obvious to everyone but you… that these descriptions fit you to a ‘T’ as well. Don’t worry, it happens to what I would venture to guess is the majority of us. It’s not always so easy to see when we’re so close to the situation and so conditioned to believe that we’re anything but magical.

  1. You started checking out books on all things mystic, esoteric, cults, and the like almost as soon as you could go to the library by yourself. You didn’t understand why you had such a pull towards it, and you didn’t need to know. You just knew the pull was strong and you honored it, and learned so so much!
  2. Throughout religious teachings, you had just as much (if not more) compassion and empathy for those branded as heretics as you did the “heroes” of the story. You understood the “failings” of David. You understood that women’s sexuality got a bad wrap. You could FEEL the call of the Master’s removing the veil from your eyes to see what was really true, and what was man-made constructs.
  3. You understood that school was a rigged game, and you played it accordingly or not as soon as you had that epiphany. Now I’m not saying everyone should cut class in the fourth grade. But when you’re done and bored and you just know that there’s more to seek out beyond the four walls of your classroom, it’s kind of hard to keep your butt in the seat wouldn’t you agree?
  4. You’re reading this now thinking that I’m either telling you the story of your life, or realizing, having the epiphany now, that seeking that connection to Source, to the Divine, to all that lies within and cosmically without, is where it’s AT for you as your own truths well up within you. I feel you. I spent the majority of my life with one foot on this path and the other off of it, scared to fully commit to it and what would that even look like anyway. You’re not alone. We can journey together. The Divine has your back. And the divinity in me feels, loves, and appreciates the divinity in you love. Each and every day.

I’m excited to be on this journey with you. To see where it leads us. To see where it takes you and what magical things flow from your walk and your path.

I’m also committed to sharing my path with you. The bumps, the highs, the valleys, the open rawness of it all. My sincerest hope is that it serves you well, and helps you to be brave on your own path as we journey together.

Until next time, so much love.




Sunshine Boatright is a Spiritual Alchemist, Energetic Healer, Modern Mystic and Creator of “Good Morning Sunshine”. She lives in Savannah with her now-retired husband of 25 years, her special needs son, and all the fur babies that man can handle! When not musing, giving readings or writing, she can be found either with a great book, watching amazing movies, or rocking her heart out at an epic concert. She knows that life is made for the now AND the long haul and that you can never have too much coffee or chocolate for both.


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