Are you considering trying swimming as a type of fitness this summer? Swimming is one of the very best kinds of aerobic exercise. The stress on your joints is minimal because you’re supported by the water. And you use your entire body when you’re swimming.

Here are ways to help you make the most of swimming for fitness this summer season.


Toys to Help with Swimming

Pull Buoy- place the buoy between your thighs so you can’t kick your legs; this allows you to focus on training only your arms and developing upper body strength.

Swim Paddles – a plastic plate worn over your palms and attached over the back of your hands with elastic cords. This increases the resistance as you swim through the water.

Kickboard- a flotation aid used to develop and refine your kicking action.


Snorkel- used for breathing air so you can focus on your swimming technique.


Fins- worn on the feet to help you move through the water.

Advantages of Swimming

  • Swimming could help you lose weight if you integrate it with a healthy diet and a more active way of life. Depending on your body weight and the swimming stroke you use, you can burn anywhere from 400 to 1000 calories in an hour.
  • Cardiovascular health could be enhanced by swimming. Sources explain that the continuous usage of your muscles assists keeps your heart rate up. Even if you’re not actively swimming, your muscles are engaged in treading water and remaining upright.
  • One of the big advantages of swimming is that it is easy on the joints. If you experience arthritis or any form of joint pain, swimming can assist you to work those joints (and the rest of your body) without impact.
  • Swimming offers a whole-body workout – nearly every muscle group is engaged. And simply moving in water requires your muscles to work more difficult than making that very same motion in the air.


Here are a couple of tips to assist you to get the most out of your swimming for fitness this summertime.

  • Safety is always crucial. Make sure you do not get overheated if the water is warm, and if you feel extremely winded or uncomfortable, stop swimming and rest up until you feel alright.
  • If you are worried about the effects of chlorine and other swimming pool chemicals on your hair or eyes, use a swimming cap and/or goggles. If you are concerned about breathing in chlorine vapors, pick an outdoor swimming pool.
  • Bring a pal to assist you to stay encouraged. See if you can get someone to join you for your workout to the swimming pool.

How will you use the pool to exercise this summer?