The soul and soul urges, the Divine/Source, and Divine expression are topics that Mercury and Master Buddha teach us through the cards ‘Increased Awareness’ and ‘Open Communication’ for this issue. These two Guides took me on complementary yet contrasting journeys of reconnecting with the Source in the silence to the excitement of sharing our joy to the earthly community. May you find the courage to know who you are and be able to share yourself to the world!

Buddha (500 B.C. era)  “the Enlightened” or “Awakened One” prior to becoming Master Buddha was a wealthy noble, a prince, who lived a very opulent and sheltered life. The humbling and shocking experience of poverty and harshness in the world triggered his search for answers through the journey inwards.    

Mercury is the Roman god of messages and communication, also known to the Greeks as Hermes. He carries a caduceus staff as a symbol of peace. Aside from being the messenger of the Greek gods, he is multi-purpose and multi-passionate: a protector of travelers, lover of literature, patron of athletics, invention, and trade.

Increased Awareness – Master Buddha

T: “What is your message for us, Master Buddha?”

B: “Increased awareness means a coming back to center, listening and being present to our soul. When we listen to our soul, our awareness expands.”

The scenery switched to a galaxy setting gently awash by the stippling of stars. All was vacuum silent, and above us about yards away was this glorious white light–the Source.

I tried to measure, from where I stood, how far this light was from Master and I, but there was no actual distance, Source only seemed far away until Master closed his eyes and listened to his soul with patient, loving presence. As he did this, I witnessed the distance between Source light and Master close.

When we take time to re-enter our own hearts and get to know how that center within us feels, there is deep peace and gratitude. There is a calm surrender knowing that the life we know of is temporary and that there is so much more beyond our physical experiences. It is from this space in which we can observe what stresses and worries us from a place of detachment, and it is through this realization that enables us to shift to what matters, such as empowerment and free will.

T: “Now we know how connecting to our soul connects us to the Source, what is something we are asked to understand about Source?”

B: “We can pull strength from the Source: we can ask what we need, we can ask for guidance, and we are given what we ask for.”

As Master said this, he stood in silence to connect to his soul and from this space, he asked the Universe for a lamp–and a golden lamp was placed in his hands.

T: “Why don’t we get all that we desire? How come some of the things we desire are not given?”

B: “It is because you did not truly introspect and get in touch with your Divine desires, your innate urges.”

There is this interconnection between Source and the yearnings of our soul. In order to understand this, I asked myself, “What is the yearning of my soul?”. I placed my palms over my heart and felt this area. My soul expressed a feeling, a deep love of others. I saw myself speaking to a group, teaching them how to connect with and utilize their own psychic abilities. My desire was to help people see how powerful, loved, and supported they are in all ways and always. Broadcasting my desires to have more avenues to reach more people from a place of love, I witnessed Source pouring onto me all that I needed: high-speed internet, friends and allies, teaching opportunities, and immaterial resources such as strength and belief in myself. When we are in alignment with our soul urges, the money, travel, and new home we desire are by-products.

Master Buddha reminds of our inherent connection to the Source/Spirit/Energy–you name it–and how this connection to Source is not just for a “special few”. You don’t need to be psychic to tap in because you cannot be tapped out–perhaps unconscious.  If you are conscious about your ability to (if you read through the segment, you are now!), then you now are empowered to consciously work with Source! That means consciously asking and receiving signs, synchronicities, and support, that means consciously and willingly re-writing your experience by connecting to Source through our souls, as demonstrated by Buddha.

Open Communication – Mercury

T: “What is your message for us, Mercury?”

Mercury put his hands over his lips, sucked in his cheeks and blew big bubble-blowing kisses. The sight tickled me and I felt like a child basking in the bubbles. From the bubbles, I saw visions of charity and service, play, hugs, artists creating from joy. This expression and sharing our joy through talents, gifts, and the love in our hearts–open communication–is Mercury’s focus for this issue.

M: “It is the ultimate expression of Divine Source to share our joy! To express our joy and our love.”

T: “What do you mean that joy is the ultimate expression of the Divine, dear Mercury?”

M: “Because, by doing so, we are acting as divine extensions of Source. When we act in accordance to our soul urges, which are in-line with Source, we become like extensions of Source giving and nurturing and sharing to others.

I felt lights surround me representing the light of each soul on this Earth who has ever lived. I felt solidarity, community, music, friendship, like one big symphony.

“Spread your joy, spread your love. Show your tenderness, show your heart because it is through these expressions that people find their own Divinity. We are so interconnected that when we do that, others, too, learn how to turn inward and find that Divinity within themselves.”

This brought me back to why I write, why I bother sleeping 4am in the morning after spending time filming and editing my reflection and coaching videos, and why I power through despite the anxiety and fear to share with my community, join the podcasts, write the chapters, and so forth–because people find themselves through my own open communication, and all I ever had to do what be my Self.

Through Master Buddha and Mercury we are invited to do the healing and transformative work of coming to alignment with Source and acting as divine extensions of Source by openly shining as who we are, as we are, because it gives others permission to do the same!

I personally notice myself attracted to individuals who are unapologetically themselves à la Taylor Tak, a South Korean plus-size model. It’s only in recent years (2016 to present) that I developed the ability to see the beauty in my curves and my fat rolls thanks to more and more plus size models openly communicating who they are. I am actually buying clothes my size, instead of going a size or two lower because of the shame that came with my size. It is so inspiring seeing other plus-size women feel genuinely comfortable in their body and the increasing body diversity and even skin tone diversity.

First, know who you are and your soul urges. Very likely if you are reading this magazine, you are a healer archetype and also desire to contribute to improving society and uplifting the world. Do you know the medicine is you? It’s in your story, what you’ve overcome, what you’re healing, and your quirks and traits. Now you are tasked to share yourself because out there in the world, there is someone wishing they had known you to know that what they are going through is real and valid and that a good life is still possible for them. Healer, show yourself! The first step is to know yourself.