“Bag lady, you ‘gon hurt your back.

Dragging all dem bags like that.”

-Erykah Badu –Bag lady

I never considered myself and empath. I was empathetic and sympathetic, but I never considered myself to be an “empath” in the traditional sense. As an empath is one who would have a keen ability to sense what people around them are thinking and feeling. And that wasn’t mean, or maybe I just didn’t care.

It’s become a trend to be a self-proclaimed empath, but this often is mirrored by a sense of victimhood; being at the whim of your environment, unable to process the feelings and emotions of other people navigating your sphere. Ultimately, I believe everyone can qualify as an empath; however, I found that true empathic individuals process things on an energetic level differently, not realizing why they got sick or can’t lose the weight.

And this WAS me. One day I looked up and didn’t recognize the person that I was looking at metaphorically or physically.

I was void. Void of feelings, void of emotions. I tried so many things to “get on track”. Of all of those things, you want to know what? I didn’t stick to anything, or they made me unhappy. So, I was like, ‘If I’m seeking happiness, why would I continue to add on things that make me unhappy?’ So, in my mind, I asked, “What if I release everything that didn’t bring me joy?’

And at that moment, there was this shift. When I decided to say, ‘I’m not going to do it’. If it didn’t further me in what I wanted. If it didn’t bring me joy and if I despised every single moment of it, I stopped doing it. There was my clarity.

You see, when we have to protect our energy from something, our body does it naturally and for many of us, that includes putting on the pounds, specifically around the midsection. I don’t care whether it was an issue with molestation, an issue of sexual assault, an issue of not being good enough an issue of not being pretty enough, or whatever. All these things cause us to be hiding in plain sight because we want to protect ourselves, it’s in protecting ourselves that we pack on these layers and layers of armor and it’s not until we no longer have to protect ourselves from those things that we can release it all.

This is the foundation of The Empath Diet. It is not one size fits all. It’s a “diet” specifically for your energy and what your body needs. Not just in food, but in life.

The first step of it is releasing the things in your life that no longer serve you on a spiritual, physical, mental or emotional level. Release it. This includes the job, friendships, family; all these things. I can guarantee that if you were to release everything that no longer serves you on either one of those levels it will manifest itself in physical weight loss. Because sometimes we’re energetically carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders and that manifests physically.

The second step is embarking on a journey with your body, energy and spirit guides to figure out what it needs to accomplish the intention you set. It can be for weight loss, weight gain, manage chronic illness; whatever your heart desires. This allows you to get in full alignment, and complete the ritual of releasing what no longer serves.

The results will speak for themselves.


Ty Johnson Anderson is a master manifestor that just so happens to be a psychic medium. She helps to heal karmic cycles that keep you stagnant, releasing them so you can manifest your life’s desires.

She’s been featured in Glamour and Girls Life magazine, and various other local publications and industry sites.

Her motivation is to remind you that you are worthy of more and deserve the life you want. Miracles are your birthright.


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