Ditch the conventional gardening tools; urban farming has its own set of rules and gadgets! Here, we explore unconventional tools that are perfect for the modern, space-conscious grower.

Beyond Basic Tools

Vertical Wall Planters

Turn any wall into a lush garden. These planters help you utilize vertical space effectively.

Smart Watering Systems

Automated watering systems controlled by your smartphone help you save time and water.

LED Grow Lights

Maximize plant growth in areas lacking natural light with specialized LED grow lights.

Suggested Image: Collage of vertical wall planters, smart watering systems, and LED grow lights.

Tech-Savvy Tools

Aquaponics Systems

Combine fish farming with plant cultivation. The waste from the fish nourishes the plants, and the plants clean the water for the fish.

IoT Soil Sensors

Connected to your smartphone, these sensors can tell you exactly when your plants need water or nutrients.

Drone Monitoring

Yes, drones! Use them to capture aerial views of your urban farm, identify problem areas, and even water hard-to-reach places.

Think Outside the Store

3D-Printed Tools

Create customized tools tailored to the specific needs of your plants.

DIY Hydroponic Systems

Use PVC pipes and a water pump to create a hydroponic system that can fit in small spaces.

Animal Ventures in Urban Farming

Quail Farming in Apartments

Why not start a mini poultry farm right in your apartment? Quails are smaller, quieter, and easier to manage compared to chickens.

Fish Farming with Aquaponics

Not only can you grow plants in an aquaponics system, but you can also raise fish like tilapia, providing a dual source of food and income.

Snake Breeding

If you’re into reptiles, consider breeding non-venomous snakes. This could be a lucrative venture, especially for exotic breeds.

Selling Animal Products

  • Quail Eggs and Meat: Sell these to local health food stores or restaurants.
  • Fish: Once your aquaponics system is thriving, the fish can be sold or used for personal consumption.
  • Exotic Pets: Non-venomous snakes can be sold to pet stores or individual buyers.

Making Money

Microgreens Subscription

Sell trays of fresh microgreens to neighbors as a subscription service.

Urban Farming Workshops

Use your unconventional tools and methods as a curriculum for paid workshops.

Suggested Image: A tray of fresh microgreens next to a poster for an urban farming workshop.


Urban farming in the modern age calls for innovative, space-saving, and tech-savvy tools. From wall planters to drones, the sky is literally the limit!

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Whether you’re growing lush herbs or raising quails, the possibilities for urban farming are endless. Ready to explore more? Join our cooperative to dive into the various dimensions of urban farming—both plant and animal!