I’m so glad you decided to connect with me. This is my 2nd time being a Panelist at the Black Author’s Expo. 

I’ve listed my books, upcoming projects, contact form for questions and ways to connect with me.  

Who is Contessa Louise?

Contessa Louise Cooper is an author, autism advocate, and the founder of Sensory for Autism where she travels to organizations to teach them how to manage behaviors holistically. Contessa was forced to pick up her gloves at an early age. As a young, single mother, learning that her son was autistic began her lifelong struggle for equality. Unrelenting in her advocacy for her child, Contessa took on school boards, doctors, therapists, specialists and anyone else who dared stand in her way. All the while raising two thoughtful, creative, kind and compassionate children essentially on her own. But her struggle was not in vain. Contessa has endured every rough step of her journey to pave the way for other parents of special needs children. Her struggle can now be their blueprint.  


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Questions or Comments?

Contessa Louise makes herself available for her community. Please send her a message if you have questions about any autism, healing or writing services. She is also available for interviews, podcasts and speaking. 

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