Who is Contessa Louise?

Contessa Louise Cooper is an author, advocate, entrepreneur and healer. She is also the Host of the Be Whole, Be Free Virtual Summit, President of the New Jersey Chapter of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce and the founder of Modern & Alternative Health Magazine. She provides safe spaces for individuals can be their authentic selves so they can begin a holistic and spiritual healing process.

Contessa is no fluff and will dive deep into your physical, mental, and spiritual health to facilitate your wellness journey. She understands culture, spiritual beliefs, and self identify plays an important role in your healing process. She sees clients locally and through virtual appointments worldwide.

When she is not meditating, teaching yoga or mentoring others, she can be found sipping on a glass of red wine.

Questions or Comments?

Contessa Louise makes herself available for her community. Please send her a message if you have questions She is also available for interviews, podcasts and speaking.

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